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2022 Goodwood Breakfast Club Supercar Sunday Photos

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Due to commitments I had not made it to the Goodwood Breakfast Club for a few years, so I was looking forward to seeing how it had progressed since then, but not so much the early start (5am).

We left the house at 5.30am (arrghhh!) for the 90 minute drive down to Goodwood Motor Circuit (always a pleasure, especially when so early and so few cars on the road).  The sun was out, and had a small convoy with another Ferrari (458 Spider) and Lamborghini (Huracan Performante) on the way down to Goodwood with a few pals.

On arrival, we entered the circuit and parked where we were told. Disappointingly we were not parked on the circuit, which (in my opinion) all the rarest, loudest, brightest cars should be parked. We were in the paddocks, oh well.

Here are some of our favourite cars from the meet (in no particular order):

Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale (below)

One of our favourite cars of all time. One of the best sounding cars of all time.

McLaren Speedtail (below)

This is a design piece for sure. It is a work of art, much like a sculpture. Lovely lines. A very cool paint job.

De Tomaso Pantera (above)

I’m drawn to the Pantera, and this car looked and sounded the business.

Porsche 911 (below)

Love the colours of this car. Nice work.


Koenigsegg Regera (below)

A true hypercar. Nice paintwork. Like the colours.

Porsche 911 (below)

What a weapon.

McLaren 720S (below)

What a car. A good colour choice in our opinion.

Chevrolet Corvette C7 Z06 Carbon 65 Edition (below)

A very cool looking supercar.

Ferrari 488 Pista (below)

A beautiful looking car, rare, a weapon, everything we love in a car.

Lamborghini Diablo (below)

A favourite of mine. Love the colour, styling and rawness of this car.

Porsche 959 (below)

An Iconic Porsche, and a Porsche we love. So so cool.

Alfa Romeo 8C (below)

A beautiful looking machine.

A few tips from us for the organisers:

Try to have the best/ rarest cars all on the track area. Or is this just me thinking have way, and is it good to have cars randomly spread across the venue?

Please bring back the catering to provide a Full English and sit down area.  Nice!

Any chance we can make the event a little less static?  Any chance of car revving, or cars driving down part of the track, so that we can hear those engines.

See you all at the next event, if we can make it…

All our photos can be viewed on our Goodwood Breakfast Club Facebook Album.

If you went to this wonderful event this or any year, what did you think of it? Let us hear your thoughts below.  What is your top supercar or hypercar?


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