July 25, 2024


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3 Phone Accessories Every Driver Should Keep in Their Car

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People rarely go anywhere these days without their phones on them, and if you do a decent amount of driving, this can play a big part in reaching your destination. With that being said, wouldn’t you want your phone and your vehicle to blend together seamlessly?

By ensuring your ride is equipped with the following car accessories, now they can.

Phone Mount


The amount of car accidents that occur each and every day because of distracted driving related to phones is staggering and preventable.

This is why every driver should have a phone mount in their vehicle wherever they go. This allows drivers to mount their phone and still be able to use it for specific functions, such as answering calls or looking at Google Maps, without needing to tear their eyes from the road.

These mounts come in a variety of options, such as clips that attach to air vents, cupholder mounts, magnetic mounts, and kinds that stick directly onto the dash.

Portable Car Charger


What good is having a phone mount for Google Maps or Spotify if you don’t have a way to keep your phone charged? Having a portable car charger in your console or glove box can really come in handy when your phone is running on fumes.

This is extremely helpful for a number of reasons, such as needing to contact a friend or family member on the road, if work or your children’s school were happen to call you, and in case of emergency when you find yourself lost or broken down with no way ring for assistance. Having a portable charger isn’t just convenient, it’s safe.

Aux Cord or Bluetooth Adapter


It’s true that many modern vehicles use Bluetooth and eliminate the need for an aux cord, but many drivers are still using vehicles from a time before wireless technology was widely available. For cars that still have the port, keeping an aux cord in your car is very helpful for being able to hear directions from Google Maps or listening to music and podcasts.

Alternatively, you could purchase a Bluetooth adapter to allow for the same features, yet wirelessly.

Hit the Road Prepared

These phone accessories make using your phone on the road much easier and more enjoyable. Whether you need to charge your phone on a long trip or want your phone mounted for Google Maps to navigate you to a health appointment, like the kind at thebunioncure.com, these gadgets make daily driving as easy as ever.


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