December 3, 2022


Where Innovation Lives Is This The Most Dangerous Road In America? Scott Speed VS THE DRAGON

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Is This The Most Dangerous Road In The usa? Scott Velocity VS THE DRAGON

Is This The Most Dangerous Road In America? Scott Speed VS THE DRAGON

So let’s just get one particular detail straight, this video is Terrible ASS! Take a Subaru WRX rally automobile and send it as a result of the 318 curves that make up the 11-mile Dragon in Tennessee. You’ll hear a good deal of people today converse about operating the Tail of the Dragon on bikes and cars and trucks, which people do every single and each weekend. This is a single of the gnarliest roads on the planet as significantly as corners and pleasurable amount and we know folks who on a regular basis traverse it in their incredibly hot rods, exotics, Professional-Touring, and Professional Luxury devices.

In this video clip the gang at Red Bull desires you to know how insane the street is and claims it to be one particular of the most dangerous in the globe. Seeing Scott Pace haul ass on it helps make you have a ton of regard for it, that’s for absolutely sure, and I really don’t consider there are numerous people who have been down it at this amount.

I have zero clue on how several crashes, deaths, and so forth happen each individual yr on it, but I can convey to you that if you do not pay focus then this a person unquestionably could chunk you.

With that said, you need to go hit it in your possess journey, because you’d delight in the hell out of it.

Online video Description:

Scott Velocity normally takes on America’s most twisted street: THE DRAGON. Cutting by the mountains of Tennessee and North Carolina’s condition line, this portion of the US 129 could make it one of the most perilous streets stretching across 11 miles with 318 curves. at?v=69wBSKl7rZw

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