July 22, 2024


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Bit By the Shoebox Bug!

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Bit By the Shoebox Bug!

I went out to a local Hofbräu with a good buddy of mine last week to catch up over a few hot pastrami sandwiches. He’s a brilliant car photographer known especially for his work capturing Porsches, both vintage and modern. We talked about our latest inspirations in art, design, and of course, cars, as he had just returned from Steve Moal Coachbuilders shop and spied Steve’s personal 1951 Ford Business coupe sitting in the corner, looking somewhat forgotten. It’s a Club Coupe with the stock 8BA Flathead still in place, and besides being tastefully lowered, the car is still fairly original. A blank canvas if you will… Ready to be made into a tasteful mild custom, or perhaps something more radical? Regardless, I could see that familiar look all over my friend’s face: A man definitely bitten by the Shoebox Bug, indicated by a hazy look in his eyes coupled with a slightly devilish grin. Yes, the ’49-’51 Fords are a perfect gateway drug into the world of traditional customs, and I’m pretty stoked my pal will be joining our ranks. If you see a cool photographer in a fresh ’51 at your local cruise or parking lot gathering, make sure to make him feel welcome!


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