July 21, 2024


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BMW “Hacked” In Weird Teaser Campaign For Something Called Dee

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What is Dee? That’s a question being asked by folks who follow BMW on social media, because Dee has apparently taken over the company’s online presence. It started in the early hours of December 13, and after several posts on multiple BMW social channels, all we can say for sure is that Dee seems polite.

We can also tell you that this is some kind of official teaser campaign for BMW. At first, it had more than a few people wondering if the German brand had actually been hacked. Commandeering multiple social media channels at once would be a tall order, but to erase all doubt, BMW has an official Dee webpage that includes an invitation to subscribe for more updates.


Clearly, we’re at the beginning stages of an announcement but BMW isn’t offering any definitive answers right now. We say definitive because there could be some clever clues in the numerous Dee posts that have already been shared online. The prevailing theory among commenters is some kind of new voice-activated driver-assist software suite, given the tone of voice used in the posts. Dee also asks some curious questions, like hello, is anyone there? and how do I drive this thing? There’s also the very first social post that proclaims I’m taking over now, which could be a reference to a hands-free driving system.

Another theory has Dee being some kind of new BMW subscription service. Truth be told, we suspect many commenters saying such things online are being cheeky, given BMW’s recent trend of making various vehicle options accessible for a monthly subscription fee. A special subscription service for BMW EVs could fit the theory, considering one of the Instagram teaser posts has Dee specifically referencing the iX and i7.


Keep in mind that these are just theories, but BMW’s website does offer one final clue. The URL of the special webpage says nextgen2023, so we should at least have some answers sooner rather than later. With the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) just around the corner, that could be an ideal venue for BMW to reveal some next-generation tech to the world.

Have any theories of your own? Jump into the comments and we’ll see about unraveling this mystery together. Or, you can check out the Rambling About Cars podcast, available below.

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