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Favorite car steering wheel locks of 2022

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Looking to keep your car safe from auto theft? A leading car steering wheel lock can help keep your vehicle protected and scare off potential thieves. There are many ways to keep your car safe, but one of the most effective ways is to use a deterrent. A steering lock wheel can not only make stealing your car more complicated, but it can also scare would-be car thieves away. Steering wheel locks are not guaranteed to keep your car safe from theft, but conventional wisdom suggests that if there are several cars in a given area, thieves would more likely try to steal a car without a steering wheel lock.

There are many car steering wheel locks available, but not every steering wheel lock will be right for you. In this article, we’ll take a look at the different kinds of car steering wheel locks available and which steering wheel and car setups they match. We’ll also discuss some extra features and signs of quality you may want to look for, but first, check out our list of the highest-rated car steering wheel locks today.

Best car steering wheel locks of 2022 in detail

Tevlaphee Steering Wheel Lock For Cars: Our pick

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This Tevlaphee steering wheel lock can be attached to the top or bottom of your steering wheel, with its keyhole facing the driving seat. For a bit of added security, you can alternatively place it on the underside of the wheel to hide the keyhole. This stainless steel lock is solid and durable. It can easily be undone with the provided key, but will otherwise remain locked under duress. This product is available with a red, blue, or black handle, and we mention this because choosing a bright handle can act as a deterrent, alerting would-be carjackers to the lock’s presence. The side of the lock that touches the steering wheel is covered by a soft material to avoid scratches, and the end of this product is designed to smash car windows in the event of an emergency.


  • Made from stainless steel
  • Protective layer to prevent scratches
  • Designed to smash glass in emergency


  • The key can sometimes become stuck in the lock

MONOJOY Car Steering Wheel Lock: Another great option

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This MONOJOY steering wheel lock is made from a strong zinc alloy, with a foam-covered handle to prevent scratches to your steering wheel. Its lock is resistant to being picked or drilled, and the keys’ snakelike grooves mean that they cannot be duplicated. This lock can be adjusted to fit a variety of different-sized steering wheels, and its pointed metal end can be used to break glass in case of emergency. There’s also a convenient cap that can be used to protect your windows from any accidental breakage. While some car steering wheel locks can be time-consuming to lock and remove, making them more trouble than they’re worth, this device takes only a few minutes to do so, helping you conveniently keep your car safe and sound.


  • Lock resistant to picking and drilling
  • Unique key groove design
  • Padded handle to prevent steering wheel scratches


  • Window breaker’s security cap difficult to remove

Winner International Twin Steering Wheel Lock: Also consider

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This Winner International steering wheel lock has a twin hook design for added security, and a self-locking feature to make securing your vehicle fast and easy when you’re short on time. This product is made from alloy steel and will fit various vehicles, including cars, SUVs, and vans. Its bright yellow design can catch the eye of potential thieves and help it act as a deterrent, letting this lock do its job in more ways than one. The steel construction of this lock resists prying, sawing, freon attacks, and hammering, and it comes with two keys included. You can purchase additional keys from the seller’s website as needed, but just make sure you know your factory number, as each key is unique.


  • Twin hook design for increased security
  • Self-locking pull feature
  • Bright yellow to deter thieves


  • More a deterrent than an antitheft device

Turnart Steering Wheel Lock: Another option

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This Turnart Steering Wheel Lock is available in several colors, with a padded handle to reduce potential damage to the steering wheel. There’s a glass breaker included at the end of the handle (which can be useful in emergencies), and a protective cap so you don’t accidentally break your window when locking your wheel. This lock is adjustable and will fit wheels of various sizes. It can easily be locked and unlocked in a matter of seconds and comes with three keys. Each set of keys is unique, so another Turnart customer will not be able to open your steering wheel lock. This product also comes with a 12-month warranty, which you hopefully won’t need to use but is good to have just in case.


  • Capped glass breaker included
  • Non-rusting, high-quality steel design
  • Comes with a 12-month warranty 


  • Scratched some customers’ steering wheels

Stoplock “Professional” Steering Wheel Lock: Also try

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This Stoplock device is solid, durable, and can act as an excellent deterrent to potential car thieves– its highly visible bright yellow handle can scare carjackers off before they even attempt to gain access to your vehicle. This product comes with a 10-year guarantee and has a unique key lock feature with 10,000 different key combinations. Three keys are included with your initial purchase, but additional keys can be purchased from the company if needed. This lock is anti-drill, making it extremely difficult to open without a key, and it’s available in different shapes and sizes to fit a variety of vehicles.


  • 10,000 different key combinations
  • Compatible with many different vehicles
  • Anti-drill lock and bright yellow handle


  • Some found this lock too heavy

Buying guide: car steering wheel locks

Now that you’ve seen our list of the leading car steering wheel locks, you may want to do a little research to help you choose one that’s a match for your vehicle. Keep reading to learn some things you should consider before purchasing a car steering wheel lock.

Many types of locks to choose from

There are several types of locks to choose from — the one you choose will depend on what you are willing to spend and the type of car you own. We won’t list the types of vehicles compatible with every kind of lock, as such a list would never end. Instead, we recommend asking the lock’s manufacturer if your desired lock is compatible with your vehicle.

The original steering wheel lock was known as the cane, and it connected the steering wheel to either the clutch or brake pedal. You can still find steering wheel locks in this design, and many people find that they fit better in older model cars. Some newer versions of car steering wheel locks are not compatible with vintage cars, making cane locks a good option for your old-school ride.

Single-bar car steering wheel locks attach to the wheel and stretch across the dashboard, preventing the wheel from being turned. These locks can be attached with a single or double hook, but double hooks are considered more secure, requiring cutting through two bars instead of one. While a thief certainly could achieve this, the amount of time it would take can act as an excellent deterrent.

Like the double-hook design, a double-bar adds an extra level of defense and increases the time it takes to cut through and remove the car steering wheel lock. One of the most secure car steering wheel lock designs is the combination of a double bar and double hook, but keep in mind that it will take more time for you to attach and remove the lock from your steering wheel as well.

A T-bar car steering wheel lock is attached at the top of the steering wheel and prevents movement by resting on top of the dashboard. This style is not dependent on the size of the steering wheel, but more so on its height to the dashboard and windshield and the steering wheel’s thickness as well.

A disc lock goes around the entire wheel and encases it in metal. This design is usually more expensive than the stick or club designs, but it can be a great deterrent and is considered the most secure car steering wheel lock on the market.

Car steering wheel locks designed to prevent airbag theft run across the center of the steering wheel. They can be a straight bar, but many are shaped to allow some space between themselves and the steering wheel’s center. 

If you’re in the market for this kind of lock, ensure the shape of the bar matches the shape of your steering wheel. If you’re unsure, ask the manufacturer if it’s compatible with your car’s model.

Measure the size of your steering wheel

Most steering wheels are a standard size, and many car steering wheel locks claim to fit any kind of wheel. In reality, many steering wheels are different sizes, and even if a lock is adjustable in size it may not fit your steering wheel. To avoid purchasing a lock that doesn’t fit your steering wheel, always check the lock’s exact maximum and minimum dimensions when expanding and retracting.

Consider key security

Many people are discouraged from purchasing steering wheel locks because they’re afraid that someone with the same lock brand will receive the same key as them. You can rest easy, though, because with most brands this is not the case. Many brands advertise that their locks have thousands, even tens of thousands of key designs, ensuring that someone with the same lock brand will not have the same key as you. If you don’t feel like taking any chances, you may want to purchase from a company that guarantees no copies at all for added security.

Some companies offer the option of purchasing additional keys, and this is useful if you lose a key. There are, however, some companies that refuse to do this for security reasons, so consider whether added security or convenience is more important to you before making your purchase.

Protect your steering wheel by choosing a padded lock

Choosing a car steering wheel lock with a padded handle and slight padding around the area connecting to the steering wheel can be a great idea. This will prevent scratching and indentations, and will typically come in the form of a rubber coating.

Choose a strong and durable material

A car wheel steering lock should be strong and difficult to break. Look for locks made from steel and alloy steel– alloy steel is steel combined with other metals to make it stronger, and overall steel is great because it’s both strong and rust-resistant.

Popularity may not be a good thing

Although a popular car steering wheel lock will probably be effective, its popularity may also be an issue — because of it, there will likely be videos online about how to dismantle or break these devices. 

The more popular a product is, the more people will ask how to break into it when they lose their keys. Similarly, if a carjacker keeps seeing the same lock-in every car they try to steal, they’re sure to try and find out how to dismantle it themselves. 

Check YouTube to see if there are any “hacking” videos related to your particular steering wheel lock. If there’s a video showing someone quickly and easily removing the lock from a car, perhaps choose a different product.

Flashing lights and bright colors

One of the main reasons a steering wheel lock works is because it acts as a deterrent. Purchasing a lock with a bright color is a good idea, but consider buying one with a flashing light as well. This will draw even more attention to the lock, likely deterring thieves from tampering with your vehicle even more.

Designed to trigger the horn when tampered with

Check to see if a car steering wheel lock can trigger your vehicle’s horn if it’s tampered with. This is sure to scare the carjacker away, and also draw attention to the crime taking place. While not every lock has this feature, it’s certainly a nice added bonus.

Car steering wheel lock FAQs

Q: Can car thieves steal a car with a car steering wheel lock?

Yes, thieves can steal a car with a car steering wheel lock installed. This can be accomplished by removing a section of the steering wheel, cutting the device in half, or removing it with a drill. While they do provide security, car steering wheel locks are more of a deterrent, stopping thieves from taking your car because of the added time involved.

Q: Does using a car steering wheel lock reduce the cost of car insurance?

Some, but not all, car insurance companies will reduce the price you pay when you use a theft deterrent like a car steering wheel lock. Always check with your insurance company to see if this is the case with your company because this kind of thing isn’t a guarantee.

Q: How much does a car steering wheel lock cost?

A car steering wheel lock can vary in price. You can spend as little as $10 on one and as much as $300 — it really all depends on the device’s quality and any features that might be included.


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