Courtesy: Murillo De Paula, Unsplash

SPOKANE, Wash. — Summertime is in whole swing, which means it’s time to get outside the house and ride a bicycle!

With that in head, the Spokane Regional Health District desires to give you some information on how to remain protected this summer months.

The initially thing they want to remind you of is to wear a helmet if you go on a bicycle journey. Helmets avert critical head injuries, so carrying 1 is incredibly important.

Subsequent, SRHD claims to remember to carry h2o with you where ever you go. Especially as temperatures begin to heat up, it will be critical to continue to be hydrated and beat the heat by filling up with H2o.

Preserving alongside the topic of out of doors safety, SRHD states to deliver and use sunscreen to spots in which you could get sunburns. Irrespective of whether you are sitting down pool or lakeside, it’s significant to safeguard on your own from the sunlight and shield your skin.

For those people who are driving a bike for the initially time, specifically youthful children and newcomers, SRHD wants you to take into account placing knee pads on them. This would avoid injuries if they drop off their bicycle.

The very last factor SRHD desires you to do is to convey a bicycle lock with you to make sure it doesn’t get stolen.

Love the experience this summer months!


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