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How To Maximize Your Safety In a Car

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When you’re driving, you want to ensure that you’ve maximized safety for yourself and your passengers. Indeed, there are plenty of alterations you can make to boost the safety of your car. Below, we explore some of the best ways to improve your safety in a car.

Carrying out necessary MOTs

For a start, you should carry out the necessary MOTs and services that your car needs. If your car is over three years old, then you’ll have to get an MOT every year by law. If you’re found to be driving a car without a valid MOT, you could be liable to pay a fine of up to £1000. The MOT will examine all parts of your car to investigate whether it meets minimum road safety standards. However, this test will simply check whether your car is safe – it won’t assess the condition of your engine and other parts. As such, you should also get your car serviced consistently too. Ideally, you should get a service once a year – a mechanic will check your car’s condition and make small upgrades to increase the longevity of your vehicle.

Regular tyre checks

Regular Car Tyre Checks

Regular tyre checks are important too. If the traction on your tyres wears thin, you’ll find it increasingly difficult to find grip on icy or wet roads. To assess your tyres, you can try the penny method at home: you can insert a coin into your car’s tread and see how deep it goes. If your penny is still fully visible, then you don’t have enough grip. In this situation, you can make your car safer by buying Bridgestone tyres to replace your current set.

Following the highway code

Following the highway, code is the best way to keep safe, though. You can have a new car, with the latest safety features, and you’ll still likely end up in an accident if you drive negligently. When you’re driving, you should take care to follow the highway code, stick to speed limits, and take breaks if you’re feeling tired.

Installing a black box

Getting a black box installed can also improve the safety of your car. When you have a black box installed in your car – either digitally or physically – you’ll have a GPS device measures and records vehicle speed, location, distance travelled driving frequency, and time of day the car is in motion. You’ll be able to access your stats and the better you drive, the lower your insurance will be – encouraging anyone who drives the car to show more caution.

Safety in the car is imperative. And by following the advice above, your car should be as safe as possible.


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