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It’s High Time for a Brake Change in New Orleans

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Safety comes with a cost and to remain safe on the road, it is crucial that your brakes are always in top shape.  In fact, your brakes are one of your cars’ most important features.  Brake change in New Orleans can be managed to maintain its optimum performance and your safety when driving your vehicle.

How does the Brake System Work?

The brake in your car is a mechanical device that inhibits motion by absorbing energy from your moving vehicle.

You will need the same amount of power to stop your vehicle with how fast your vehicle moves.  Stopping your moving vehicle will be accomplished by the unified function of the different components of the brake system including the brake pedal, fluid reservoir, fluid lines, brake pads, brake shoes, brake drum, rotor, brake lining, piston, caliper, master cylinder, and the vacuum booster.

How Will You Know that it’s Time for a Brake Change in New Orleans?

The key to your safety when dealing with your vehicle’s brakes is to replace your brake pads about every 50,000 miles.  Although all vehicles vary in how they are manufactured, if you know the common signs that indicate a brake pad replacement, you can ensure yourself of safety.

  • Your brakes make a squeaking or squealing noise

Persistent squeaking or squealing from your car’s brakes when you’re driving on dry roads and it’s not raining, is the first sign that it’s time for new brake pads.

  • Your car’s indicator light turns on

Some car models have an indicator light connected to a sensor on the brake pad that warns you to change worn-out brake pads.  So if you get the warning, ask a professional to check your brake pads and tell you when you should replace them.

  • Deep grinding metal sound

Some brake pads have small metal ridges on the bottom of the pad that makes a loud noise to warn the driver that the pads are wearing out.  If you are alerted with this noise, have your brake pads checked right away.

  • Your brake pedals are vibrating

When your brake pedals vibrate or feel unsteady as you press them down, it means that your brake pads have worn-out.

  • The thickness of your brake pads appear to be less than ¼-inch

Look between the spokes of your wheels, locate the brake pad on the rotor of your vehicle’s tire and check the thickness of your brake pads.  If they appear to be less than ¼-inch thick, get new brake pads.

    Changing your Brake Fluid

Brake change in New Orleans does not only require that you change your brake pads.  It is also crucial that you change your brake fluid because your car won’t stop when you push your brake pedal without brake fluid.  These three factors affect the effectivity of your brake fluid:

  • The right amount
  • The right kind
  • Clean (no contamination)

    The signs that will tell you that it’s time to replace your brake fluid include:

  • The lights of your ABS light turns on
  • It’s harder to push down on your brake pedal
  • Your brakes make strange noises
  • Grinding, squealing, or squeaking from brake pads
  • A burning smell from overheated brakes or heated brake fluid

How Much Will a Brake Change Cost?

If you can do the brake change in New Orleans yourself, you can save a good deal of money.  However, if you are not mechanically inclined, getting professional help from mechanics will cost you a total of $115 to $270 per axle for parts and labor for getting new brakes.

New brake fluid will cost around $100 and it is recommended that you get a regular inspection on your brake fluid at least every few years.  You may consider facilities that offer brake fluid change with brake-flushing machines that can make for a quicker and smoother replacement.

Don’t Wait Too Long for a Brake Change in New Orleans

Maybe it’s high time for a brake pad replacement or brake fluid change to give you peace of mind that you are maintaining your car properly and that your vehicle is safe to drive.     

Whichever way you choose for a brake change in New Orleans—DIY or hiring a mechanic, remember that your safety is more important than the cost.

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