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Mercedes-AMG GT2 Racecar Unveiled – Double Apex

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Production-based GT racing has been on the rise these last few years. A clear indication is the revival of events such as the Kyalami 9 Hour. The largest of the GT classes is GT3. However, GT4 and now GT2 are on the rise. The Mercedes-AMG GT2 is a good example of OEMs getting behind the most extreme version of the GT-based categories.

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A New Option

Mercedes-AMG already offers GT3 and GT4 versions of its road-going GT models to customer teams. The Mercedes-AMG GT2 is the newest addition to this portfolio for its customer racing programme. 

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Christoph Sagemüller, head of Mercedes-AMG Motorsport: “The Mercedes-AMG GT2 is yet another milestone in our Customer Racing programme. The GT3 segment having become more and more professional and GT4 having become established as an entry-level category, we open up new opportunities with the Mercedes-AMG GT2. The race series for this category of vehicles have seen significant increase of reach and relevance in the past two years. In this dynamically growing market, we come up with the Mercedes-AMG GT2 as a highly attractive package and once again prove the performance potential of our brand.”


In keeping with the pecking order the GT2 is the most extreme and most powerful of the GT racing family. As a result the twin-turbocharged V8 now produces 520 kW in race trim (series dependent). This is over 100 kW more than cars are allowed to deliver in GT3-spec. Maximum torque is rated as 800 N.m. The 4,0-litre engine boasts a flat-plane crankshaft just like the GT Black Series road car.

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A sequential six-speed racing gearbox with altered gear ratios replaces the twin-clutch transmission of the road car. Like in all GT models, the gearbox is mounted in transaxle configuration and is connected to the engine by a carbon torque tube. Power is handled solely by the rear wheels after passing through a limited-slip differential. 

The braking system consists of six-piston brake calipers up front acting on 395 mm discs. The rear set-up features four-piston calipers clamping 355 mm discs. The spring/damper units are completely adjustable as are the anti-roll bars. The car tips the scales at under 1 400 kg.

More Aero

The Mercedes-AMG GT2 has a revised aero package for more downforce. A newly developed rear wing is part of the package. The large, single element aerofoil is held in place by a swan neck mount. The front end also has a reshaped grille and lower apron. 

Stefan Wendl, head of Mercedes-AMG customer racing: “The Mercedes-AMG GT2 incorporates our entire experience we have acquired over the past years in our successful Customer Racing activities. Next to proven GT3 and GT4 features, however, we have also integrated entirely new racing technologies, specially developed for the GT2.

“The result is the most powerful homologated race car we have built to date. The Mercedes-AMG GT2 is entering a new range of speed. Moreover, we have achieved that gentlemen drivers who don’t race every weekend can control this enormous power in a commanding and safe way all the time. I am really happy that we can now offer a top-notch product along with our maximum support activities for the customer teams in this burgeoning segment as well.”

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