July 22, 2024


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More EVs purchased in March 2022 than whole of 2019, says Bridgestone

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More EVs were purchased in March 2022 alone than in the whole of 2019.

Even as the broader market slumped, Bridgestone’s latest survey with YouGov underlined a growing appetite for the technology after 2,000 motorists were questioned.

There were 39,315 new battery electric vehicle registrations during March, according to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), compared to just 37,850 electric sales for the whole of 2019.

A follow-up survey commissioned by the tyre manufacturer revealed that 67% of motorists intended to switch, and ever-increasing diesel and petrol costs have been given as a main reason.

Of that figure, 47% want to change to an electric vehicle to save on fuel bills, while 56% are sold by the environmental benefits of EVs.

In fact, the rising cost of living has also been reflected in Bridgestone’s latest research, which also revealed that 29% of motorists would car share in the future to reduce outgoings and save money.

Bridgestone North Region Vice President Andrea Manenti said that the survey results offered a valuable insight into the minds of the general public when it comes to electric vehicles.

“The results of this survey confirm that we’re undergoing huge change in the automotive industry, and that change is happening now. We were also reminded of some common concerns still associated with EVs, which we need to tackle as an industry.

“These concerns were insightful and we are already on our own journey at Bridgestone to address them. We’re developing premium tyres that meet specific EV requirements and help deliver optimal performance.”


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