July 21, 2024


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Novitec 765LT Spider upgrade delivers 855hp

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Does the wick of the McLaren 765LT Spider really need turning up? Probably not. It’s already one of the quickest cars in the world, on top of it being one of the most dramatic to look at. And listen to. But Novitec’s business model is all about making supercars that bit more super, and in the case of the 765LT is has done this primarily by coaxing a bit more power from the standard twin-turbo V8. Well, more than a bit: if you opt for the punchiest output upgrade (there are three to choose from), the 4.0-litre unit will generate 855hp at 7,400rpm. Which is apparently sufficient to send the car to 62mph in 2.5 seconds and onto 205mph. 

Combined with 662 lb ft of torque at 6,300rpm, Novitec says its handiwork makes the open-top 765LT ‘even more thrilling’. We can think of a few other choice descriptions, but none that don’t feature multiple swear words when referring to a convertible that’ll hit 124mph in 6.7 seconds. As ever, the engine tuning – which is achieved mostly by installing a new plug-and-play auxiliary control unit – is the German tuner’s jumping off point. Sure, there’s ‘Race’ grade high-performance exhaust system, which you can have in weight-saving, thermally-optimised Inconel, if you wish – but Novitec is no less interested in the job of differentiating your car visually from the ‘stock’ version. 

In the case of the 765LT, this means the potential for fitting colossal forged Vossen wheels to a chassis that has been lowered some 20mm courtesy of new sports springs. As you can see, the result is a 765LT Spider, slammed. And festooned with additional naked-carbon bits for the body, including scuff plates for the rocker panels and new air intakes. There’s a new N-Largo trunk lid, too, and Novitec says it will indulge virtually any request when it comes to the task of (re)cladding the interior in your choice of leather or Alcantara. 

If that all sounds like redundant tinsel to you, then you’re probably not the sort of person the tuner is targeting. For one thing, you’ve got to be a McLaren 765LT Spider owner already, and there are only ever going to be 765 of them on the planet. Of course, if you fancy sliding into that rarefied company, there’s already one for sale in the PH classifieds – it’s been driven just 775 miles, and can be yours for £400k. We’re not sure if Ambit Blue would be our first choice; which is exactly the sort of thing Novitec is here to help with. 


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