May 21, 2024


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Salvage Supercar TikTok Is a Truly Wild Place

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Modern sports cars and supercars are incredibly capable machines. With lightning-quick acceleration and horsepower figures that dwarf that of a typical vehicle, it is no surprise that some owners have issues keeping these machines on the road. That of course means plenty of these exotic cars end up utterly wrecked. Thanks to the wonders of TikTok, we have a chance to witness the captivating world of RealLifeExotics and its supercar salvage operation.

You probably haven’t seen many supercar videos quite like the ones uploaded by RealLifeExotics. The page follows the antics of a Sacramento-based repair shop, who you might also know from the YouTube channel of the same name. The team works on many of the cars we all dream about owning, but the way they interact with these machines is just comical.

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Take this video of a Porsche 911 GT3 RS for instance, which has clearly had a terrible accident. Despite the fact that the entire front left wheel assembly and much of the bodywork are missing, we can watch as one of the shop’s employees drives the track-day weapon down the street. The sight of a three-wheeled GT3 RS is something that Porsche purists won’t be able to get out of their heads. The clip mirrors many of the videos we see of folks flexing their expensive rides, which is a funny bit considering the circumstances. Interestingly enough, the shop seems to see quite a few Porsche sports cars come through with a similar lack of wheels.

While the shop does work to repair the damage done on many of the cars that come through their gate, it can’t seem to help itself from adding to the carnage from time to time. This is made evident by a collection of clips that shows the team deliberately adding to the damage caused by previous accidents. Whether that comes by way of beating a Ferrari 458 with a hammer or smashing a Bentley with a tire, the shop has tried it. Sometimes it is clear that the attacked area of the car needs extensive repairs to begin with, but that isn’t always the case. But hey, TikTok is all about those glorious views.

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The internet has allowed for some truly unique automotive content to thrive. And while this may seem like an odd way to treat vehicles you intend to fix and sell, RealLifeExotics seems to have figured TikTok out. To make it big in that world, you have to do some captivating (and oftentimes extreme) stuff. If you have a collection of destroyed cars to play with, why not try and get a few laughs out of the deal. Just maybe don’t show your future customers the clips.

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