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SEMA 2022 Domestics – Gauge Magazine

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SEMA 2022 Domestics - Gauge Magazine

SEMA 2022 Domestics was held in Las Vegas, Nevada from November 1st-4th at the Las Vegas Convention Center.  We always wonder who will takeover the show, domestics or imports?  This year, domestics stole the show and ran with it!

In todays world, Electric Vehicles (EV) are beginning to take over the design of original manufacturer builds.  Some are into the EV phase, other like to keep it original.  One build that we have loved since it was debuted, is the 1978 Ford F100 “Eluminator” Concept.  From the outside, this vehicle looks like the complete original F100 build that many have known to love.  But take a seat inside the vehicle and it brings in new age technology.

Once you are inside the vehicle, you will noticed right off the bat the massive screen that replaces where the original radio would sit.  Also, you will see that the original dash has been replaced with a complete electric one as well.  Its a perfect mesh of old school meets new school, and we are LOVING it.

Continuing on with the trade of EVs, Dodge announced that it would be making major changes to its Charger Daytona SRT Concept. The Charger Daytona SRT Concept was at SEMA 2022 Domestics showcasing what is the future of Chargers, electrification.  That’s right, we were looking at the first all-American muscle car that was completely electric.  It was an amazing sight and beautiful vehicle, but are you ready to own an EV Charger?

SEMA 2022 Domestics

All in all, Domestics stole the show this year in our opinion. We love that they continue to bring back the old school builds with new school technology.  We cannot wait to see what is in store for 2023!

Photos by: Chris Gosda, Erod, and Cheri

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