July 21, 2024


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These Are the Worst Cars You’ve Ever Driven

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I got into a rear end collision in my daily driver, and it was sent to the shop for estimates and repairs. In the meantime, I was given a free rental. When, I went to the local rental place, a few blocks from the repair shop, there was a gray Dodge Avenger waiting for me. (Just like in the pic.)

“What a boring and generic looking sedan.” I thought as I climbed into that classic, cheap Dodge plastic interior. Looking around the cockpit, everything needed was there. Gauges, info, controls. Not laid out great, but not terrible. Driving characteristics? It went and it stop. Acceleration wasn’t sharp, but didn’t make me feel like I needed to gun it to get on the freeway. Handled like you’d expect a car should. It stayed on the road. The wheel gave little to no information, but it wasn’t like the floating boats of the 80s, or anything. It gave just enough. Same with braking. And, everything else. It didn’t do anything bad, but it didn’t do anything well, either.

And, for the next two weeks driving it, that was all that repeated in my head. “Everything about this car is so mediocre. It doesn’t do anything bad per se, but it doesn’t do anything well, either.” The driving characteristics were as gray as the paint. There was just no feeling or reaction the car gave me. Usually, you give me about 30 minutes in a car, and I can decide if I like it, or not. It’s been over 10 years, and I still can’t decide how I feel about that Avenger.

It was like mediocrity suddenly became tangible and you could drive it. That was the Dodge Avenger.

That’s why it’s the “Worst” in my opinion. Cars should give you something. Either you like it, or you don’t. There’s always something you can point out as a positive or negative about a car. The styling, the power, the handling, etc. But, this car had NOTHING. Nothing stood out, one way or another, and made me feel nothing. That’s the worst sin a car can make, in my opinion.

The Avenger is such a nothing vehicle. I struggle to keep it in my memory other than the fact I know it has one of the worst interiors known to man.

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