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Transportation of furniture when moving – how to choose the right car –

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It doesn’t matter if it’s an office move or an apartment move, furniture usually has to be moved in both cases. It is important to choose a suitable car so that the cargo is not damaged during transportation.

Why you should rent a special car for moving furniture

It seems to many that if they have a car, then with its help it is quite possible to move, not only within the city, but also throughout the country. However, this statement should be considered a big mistake.

Usually, when the collection and packing of things begins, it turns out that there are so many boxes and furniture that they simply cannot fit into the salon. It is for this reason that it is easiest and most convenient to rent a special car for moving.

Some in this case decide to hire their friends, relatives, neighbors who have a small cargo vehicle.

However, it should be remembered here that no one guarantees that this car will not break down on the way, that all things will definitely fit in it, and that the owner of the car will not eventually raise the price of moving so much that you will not want to move anywhere. Yes, it’s not easy to get everything right.

Therefore, the ideal option is to order a car in a special company that carries out cargo transportation throughout the country.

Transportation from some companies can be ordered both by individual vehicles and railway containers. In addition, some companies also transport groupage cargo, and they do it throughout the country.

Estimating the scale of the move

To calculate the volume of a cabinet, sofa or other furniture, you need to measure its length, width and height and multiply them by each other. Small things – clothes, books, dishes – are put in boxes or bags and their volume is counted. When the entire volume is approximately calculated, you need to add 30% of the total value – this is a reserve for loading, at which small voids will probably remain in the car.

The resulting number can be “try on” to the main types of machines. But do not forget to look at the length and width of the body of the proposed truck. If you have non-standard things (suppose you bought a sectional sofa in advance, even before moving, but you already managed to assemble and see how the sofa will look and already in the process realized that it would not fit in length or width), then it is better to specify this a moment with the carrier in the comments, so that at the last moment you don’t have to hire another car to move and end up overpaying.


Map out the layout of your items in the truck. To do this, you need at least know the approximate size of the machine.

Standard truck dimensions:

  • A 3 ton truck has sides 4-4.3 meters long, 2 meters wide and high;
  • A 5-ton truck has a height of 2-2.20 m, a width of 3 m and a length of about 6 meters.

As a rule, the tallest element of your apartment is the refrigerator (since the cabinet can be dismantled). Based on its height, choose a truck of suitable dimensions.

Features of transportation of oversized cargo

If the parameters of the cargo together with the car exceed the dimensions of 20x4x2.5 m, this is oversized cargo. These non-standard sizes of cargo include:

  • Special equipment;
  • Various types of industrial equipment;
  • Large containers, etc.

For their transportation, it is necessary to issue a special permit and transport them only with the help of trawls.

What to look for?

You need to figure out what factors you should pay attention to when choosing the right transport:

  • As already mentioned, you need to look at the carrying capacity of the machine. The larger the car, the greater the costs, respectively, the more expensive the transportation will be;
  • Body size is also important;
  • It is necessary to take into account the distance over which the transportation is carried out. A trip around the city and transportation to another area are priced differently;
  • Equipping with special equipment. It may be necessary that the car has special belts, clamps, fasteners;
  • If you decide to use the services of a transport company, then you need to find out if movers are provided, how their work is paid. The fee for the work of loaders may be included in the price, or may be carried out separately;
  • Since many people are concerned about the issue of cost, find out in advance how the car is paid – a fixed amount or whether the payment is hourly.

Additional elements of the car

The tail lift is relevant when loading heavy items that are very difficult to lift manually. Such equipment allows you to speed up loading and unloading – and therefore reduce the time of moving.

Fasteners are used to secure items inside the body. In a good car for moving, these elements must be present – it is thanks to them that appliances, furniture and boxes with things do not fall even during heavy braking.

If you plan to transport equipment and furniture, it is desirable that the car has a high-quality inner lining of the body. It is needed to protect objects, especially upholstered furniture from sharp parts, metal elements. Most often, vans are sheathed with plywood.

The car for moving must be clean inside, technically sound.

Moving is a complex and rather lengthy procedure for ordinary people, which can stretch up to several days. But it can be organized and carried out in the shortest possible time and without extra cash costs, if you turn to specialists, real professionals.

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