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VW Recalls 2018-2021 Tiguan Because The Rear Spoiler Might Fall Off

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More than 6,500 Volkswagen Tiguans are being recalled because it’s possible that the rear spoiler might actually fly off of the car while it’s going down the road. That’s because the method used to attach the spoiler is simply insufficient to hold them on properly.

Volkswagen noticed an upward trend in warranty claims regarding the spoiler in November of 2021 and began the process to figure out what was causing it. By March 30, the brand decided to conduct a recall of 6,553 vehicles, all built between 2018 and 2021.

Of course, we’re talking about a VW Tiguan, not a serious performance machine so it’s not like losing the spoiler will do anything to diminish performance. It does however pose a safety threat to others on the road who might encounter said spoiler after it’s departed from the vehicle.

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According to Volkswagen, the spoiler was never part of a standard production trim but instead was an optional accessory. That might explain why the total number of vehicles involved is fairly low compared to many other major recalls.

If you bought a Tiguan recently and asked for the spoiler you might have been disappointed to be told that it was unavailable. That’s because when VW noticed the issue they issued a warning to stop installing it as of November 19, 2021.

As of April 6, 2022, Volkswagen knows of 42 related claims but none have been filed since December 2021. Affected cars will have the spoiler replaced at no cost to owners. According to the company, the recalled part is identical to the new part but “The recall remedy component can be distinguished from the recalled component because it is installed using the correct installation instructions.” Another line mentions “possible poor adhesion” so it sounds like there may not be hard fixtures holding this wing on.

Volkswagen issued a similar recall for 2,627 Tiguans in Australia and blamed the spoiler detachment on “deviations in the bonding process”. If you’re concerned that you might own an affected Tiguan you can contact VW customer service or wait for a letter which should be on its way by June 3, 2022.


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