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20+ Best Small Camper Van Interior Ideas To Build In 2022

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Being on a journey isn’t something one does often, so it got to be the best.

Your camper journey is important, but it should be in sync with comfort. If you are one of those who look for comfort in camper vans, then this article is exactly what you need.

So, what’s the process of deciding your camper conversion layout with maximum comfort?

Layout, design & material makes a camper van comfortable. Today, you can find a wide range of interior inspirations online, but it might be not easy to choose the right design.

You need to ask which is the most suitable idea based on your inspiration/interest as the van interior is just not changing a few wires, panels, or LED lights.

There are different camper van brands, sizes & layouts in the market, which can be designed based on themes. In addition, you can also design your bathroom, kitchen, bedrooms, etc. Guess what? You can also design your RV and see the demo/practical using Van space software (Exclusive software on the market).

Why Does Your Van Need Interior Make-Over?

After checking multiple resources & intentions to make your journey comfortable, I’ve listed the 20 most beautiful small camper van interior ideas. In the end, it’s just not about spending money; it’s about making great memories.

Van is taking you from one destination to another. That’s not all, it has become your next home, and who wants to enjoy camping in a chaotic, dull environment. Below are reasons when it comes to van interiors:

  • Adding more comfort to live your van life.
  • You need personalization such as paint colour, floor/wall material, etc.
  • Extra storage requirement
  • You are a fan of DIY
  • You want to stand different in the crowd
  • Special requirements based on your camping, such as rooftops, exterior RV accessories, etc.

Moreover, you need to make sure that the overall theme should be as you have imagined. It’s better to check a demo to avoid conversion costs.

According to my experience, designing a camper van is not rocket science if you know what you wish. With a note of your requirements, a little understanding and a good RV conversion company (exclude if you are going to design yourself).

How To Design Best Van Design Online?

As discussed earlier that designing your dream camper isn’t rocket science. There are a few basic things you can keep in check while designing or going to a workshop:

  • Amount of space: One of the most fundamental things is to have a spacious cabin, which also offers the required roof height. Both dimensions need to be aligned to make you move with ease.
  • Work Desk: If you are freelance or working on anywhere model, you can look forward to having a dedicated workstation. It can be a game-changer and also saves your lap from a heavy burden.
  • Pick a theme: Going with the design theme of different types can add spark to your camper van. For example, you can pick a single theme for the entire van or design each compartment separately.
  • Add mini-fridge: Always consider having a mini-fridge that takes the load of keeping you cool.
  • Add decorative items: You can decorate the van’s walls as per your liking or according to your trip theme.

Similarly, there are tons of suggestions to make your van look OMG. Though these are some basic ideas, they can add wonders to your van and your journey if done properly.

List Of 20 Best Small Camper Van Interior In 2022

1. Light Up Camper

Lighting Layout Inside A Campervan
Lighting layout inside a camper van (Image source – Asobolife)

Lighting up the interior can be the best part of the decoration, as it saves the van from being a cell. The illusionary emotions created with light can make the mood calm and easy. You can choose different or the same lights as the interior allow, and you are all set to enjoy the cozy, warm and light up ride. In terms of lighting, you can install varieties of lights such as Spotlights, Reading lights, Puck lights, LED lights etc.

2. Add Nice Looking Hammock

Hammock Inside Camper Van
A person enjoying Hammock inside camper van & working from mountains (Image source – Ticket To The Moon)

One easiest way to save space when travelling alone is to use a hammock instead of a bed. Doesn’t it sound great having a book in your hands under the starlight while lying on the Hammock? Just as beautiful as we have seen in movies.

Your Spotify music list will add more fun to the trip. Now, set up a Hammock and look forward to excellent camping.

3. Classic Camper

ssic Camper Design
Classic camper design idea with simple looking furniture

If lighting up is not what your mood goes with and you are more of a retro look, you can opt for the interior designs to be white & black, which gives a classic look to your van interior.

You can also set up the furniture, which syncs with the interiors and maintains the feel. Make your cabinets and kitchen counters go with the same theme. As I understand, these kinds of Vans give perfect vibes when you are a book reader, swamped worker or slow music lover.

4. Choose Foldable Beds

Foldable Beds Inside Camper Van
Foldable Beds Inside Camper Van

Normal beds vs folding beds – What’s your pick? Van has limited space availability, and you can choose the right bed.

Today, you can find a range of beds available for camper vans, including foldaway, passage & bunk beds. While travelling with the family, a bunk bed serves the best allowing you to sleep during births.

Another side, you can add a foldaway bed while travelling alone. At last, a passage bend allows you to save the space and your extra load.

5. Space Lovers

Camper van with huge space
Camper van with huge space

Cozy places are the best for comfort and travelling. Though, you need to save yourself some space. What are the options to have both? Use foldaway interiors with pastel colours. This makes your place warm, stylish and spacious as per your needs.

The space is already limited. Always choose the van brand that offers a good roof height. Also, if you are travelling with kids, having a spacious van can be bliss for you as it lets the kids roam freely during the journey.

6. Add Swing

A lady enjoying swing inside a campervan
A lady enjoying a swing inside a camper van

Would you like to be on a swing in your van while facing a luscious view of nature? Amazing thought, right? Here is a small but excellent idea for adding a swing to your van, which can be hooked and unhooked at your convenience. Swings & Kids go along very well, and if you can make your loved ones happier, then why settle for the less?

7. Dress Up Mirrors

Mirrors inside a campervan
Mirrors inside a camper van

In this van, you can see a simple yet elegant idea to design the interiors. Install mirrors of different shapes on the walls to give an esthetic look to the interior. Also, you can dress up the walls this way too. It perfectly sits well with the classic theme and furniture, beautifying the van.

8. Sitting Under Skylight

Skylight in campervan
Skylight in a camper van (Image source- Stinsonvans)

A skylight is a mood changer feature for any van. Be it design or practicality, Skylight lets you enjoy nature sitting inside.

You can enjoy raindrops during camping. In addition, you can see bright sun lights through the roof, twinkling stars at night or a great option to enjoy the wind in pleasant weather.

A Skylight comes in different shapes and sizes, which can be easily installed.

9. Add Customized Office

Office Inside Campervan
Office inside camper van (Image source – Reddit)

Work for a home goes completely in sync with RVers. Though it is a very small and common idea, it is still very important to give your office space a priority. Add comfortable work chairs, proper lights, some camper quotes posters, and you are ready.

In addition, you can also hang or fix speakers on the office area walls, a small box to hold your brochures, signs, and other business tools.

10. Add LED Screen

LED Screen inside a campervan
LED Screen inside a camper van (Image source – Furrion)

The next item on the design list is a brand new LED for all things entertainment. While travelling on a long road, with having nowhere to go, how would you like to pass your time? Nothing can beat rather than enjoying movies or web series, right?

You must have an LED screen or a projector in your van for these days. A projector can be fine-tuned as per requirements where TV is positioned permanently. In addition, you can also place it outside and enjoy movies under the sky with some popcorn and cold drinks.

The van with a projector must be on top of your design bucket list.

11. Enjoy Outside With Your Furniture

Outside furniture camping
Outside furniture camping (Image source – Airstream)

Without any second thoughts, the furniture should be one that can easily be pulled out, so you can enjoy the view while sitting outside and spending quality time with your loved ones.

Foldaway furniture is the best while travelling. They are designed to save more space and come in handy for both inside/outside. You can also move the table in-between, and you are ready to enjoy.

12. Add Small Decore Items Or Creative

Campervan decoration ideas
Camper van decoration ideas (Image source – Pinterest)

Once you add all the essential design items, you can now work on decorations.

When the journey is all yours, why the ideas should be borrowed? Think of your creative ideas and paint what you want to see. Be it esthetic or bright-y, bloomy or warm, it is all up to you how you want your van to look.

You can add a new life to your van with your unique ideas. It can be of different shapes, colours, and wallpapers – you need to decide. Whether it freshens up the mood every time, you see that.

Depending on the different taste and thought process, you can make a blueprint and shop for items.

Above van conversion has done it super smart by adding a book rack, bamboo chairs, etc. I’ve listed some of the interesting decorating items which you can buy from Amazon any day:

  • Chimes
  • Pillow Covers
  • Décor Signs
  • Travel Map
  • Doormat
  • Mugs

13. Work & Dine Together

Work & dine inside campervan
Work & dine inside a camper van

While travelling with your partner or family, it is good to have multipurpose places which serve for more than one activity. You can choose to make a mobile office & dining area side by side, this way, you save space by merging requirements.

With this work table, you will be able to attend our WFH meetings while enjoying your camping.

14. Shower Requirements

Shower inside camper van (Image source – Van Clan)

You prefer long trips & it comes with two choices. Either use an external washroom or build it inside your van. Designing a shower area or saying the bathroom is a little tricky yet gives brilliant ideas. Below are a few suggestions:

  • Half-wall tiled shower
  • Modular shower
  • Compact drawer shower

If you look forward to having the best van, you obviously will not compromise with a non-standard bathroom. You can also add small accessories & lighting.

15. Kitchen Planning

Simple looking Airstream kitchen
Simple looking Airstream kitchen

Beautifying the kitchen in a specific manner can change a lot, after all, food is the best part of RVing. Keeping a mini-fridge is a must while travelling to allow yourself to taste fresh food and cold water. Here, cabinets play an important role. You can put a wide variety of pantry items and other essentials.

I suggest you keep your kitchen out of fancy accessories. Build it more functional with genuine items only. In terms of design, you can add wallpapers matching your Kitchen theme.

16. High On Style Trends

Campervan style ideas
Camper van moden design

As much as the interior matters, one can’t deny that the van must look inviting when you are entering it. To make it appealing, you can start by adding a stylish door. Another trend nowadays is to add eco-friendly products. Instead of using artificial/genuine leather, you can use jute or fabric.

Besides jute, you can use used wood on the floor/ceilings. It adds retro premium touch and makes your van look good.

As we know, eco-friendly items don’t hurt the environment.

17. Add Blankets

Colourful blankets inside campervan
Colourful blankets inside a camper van

Nothing lightens up the mood more than having a warm & cozy blanket near you and some pillows. Here, you can opt for the blankets & pillows in sync with your Van interior/paint theme. Being snuggled up with a hot mug of coffee or chilling the night in front of Netflix with your partner, a warm and comfy blanket is what you need there.

18. Outside Kitchen

A lady enjoying outside kitchen in campervan
A lady enjoying the outside kitchen in a camper van

Let’s cook outside with a view. What say? Hardly people get a chance to cook under the blanket of the open sky & I recommend adding this to your van.

Again saying, if you think you can have this chance, be sure not to miss it. With a little help of wood/readymade metal racks fittings, you can add basic kitchen appliances and cook delicious meals or enjoy BBQ with your partner.

19. Add Burner

A burner inside campervan
A burner inside the camper van

Having a wood burner in the van sounds like a challenging idea, but it is still possible for those looking forward to having it. You can add it yourself or take help from any camper conversion company.

It might need some precautions. You need to place a wood burner near the water area or other safe place to enjoy camping without worry. The warmth and light of the burning wood make your mood to dive deep and relax while looking at it. You can even enjoy movies with your family or camping partner.

20. Add Outside Recline Seat

Outside recline seat inside campervan
Outside recline seat inside the camper van

What ar
e the options when your van is not on the run and doesn’t have moveable furniture? Here, the idea is to add an adjustable pullout deck at the backside of your van. This can be utilized as a sitting space while having meals near a riverbank or without compromising the view.


Bunch of different ideas. Which one to pick?

Above-listed ideas are a bunch of the finest designs to strategize your camper van, but still, I would like to take a step more and find the marvellous out of everything, just for you.

  • Putting a skylight is never going to get old. With the bright natural light and the beautiful poetic starts, who wants not to be a part of this luxurious memory?
  • Getting the right bed is second to none. Choose the one which suits your plan the most.
  • Are you thinking of going without a projector? No, absolutely not. With or without someone, the idea of ‘Netflix and Chill’ doesn’t sound bad at all.
  • Lastly, the most vital thing, the tunnel of your mood, is the kitchen. Plan it first, and make sure you include all essentials. Here, I suggest using a Van design software. It’s better to design and look digital rather than spend dollars.


How do you make your camper van cosy?

Apart from small decorative items, you can add sleeping bags, good insulation, heaters, cushion items, doormat, small plants, etc. In addition, colour plays an important role in making a camper van feel like home. I suggest using a nice pastel colour theme.

What is the average cost of van Interior customization?

Depending on the design, materials and items. An average van design can cost between $5,000 and goes up to $10,00 & even more.


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