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2024 Ford F-150 spied with new taillights, covered tailgate

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2024 Ford F-150 spied with new taillights, covered tailgate

Update: A second spy shot source of ours tells us that there’s more to be seen here than is visible in these spy photos. Images captured by our other source show an F-150 that’s far more covered up than the one in the photos at the top of this post, suggesting that the uncovered elements seen above are an attempt at misdirection.

There’s a good chance that Ford is hiding a new, refreshed grille and a revised headlight design underneath the heavy camouflage seen in spy photos from our second spy shot source. We’ll insert these new photos in a gallery below for you to scroll through. Of course, there’s always the chance that Ford is changing very little as is depicted in the original spy shots. The story continues below.

Spy shots of the facelifted and refreshed Ford F-150 are out, and design changes are looking minimal and in line with a typical refresh for the time being. Most likely, the updated F-150 will be released for the 2024 model year. Ford launched the fully redesigned truck for the 2021 model year, so that puts it on track for a timely mid-cycle refresh.

As for what we’re seeing in these spy shots, the majority of the front end is covered. However, the lower front bumper doesn’t have any wraps on it, and this shows off a tweaked design down below. The grille looks the same as the F-150 today, and we can say the same for the headlight design. However, this could very well be an attempt at misdirection, as newer spy photos show a shrouded grille and headlight setup that could be hiding changes. Also, since Ford is covering up most of the bumper, hood and fenders, we suspect that there could be some slight revisions made in these areas as differentiation from the current truck.

The rear is notably more interesting than the front, and it’s what we can’t see that intrigues the most. Ford has the tailgate fully covered in a heavy sheet of camo. There are some access curtains, but we can’t see anything going on underneath it. Perhaps Ford is developing a trick tailgate that it wants to keep under wraps. Both GM and Ram offer optional and odd takes on the traditional tailgate, but Ford hasn’t integrated anything in this space beyond the “Man Step.” 

A new taillight design is also seen in these spy shots, as Ford’s camo doesn’t fully cover the lights here. It’s not an exact replica of the F-150 Lightning’s tails, but the look certainly reminds us of the electric truck’s lighting design with this small glimpse. The last odd bit we’ll point out is the “People Eaters Limo” window sticker, which is simply something you don’t typically see on a manufacturer’s camouflaged test vehicle. In case you were curious, it’s a reference to a vehicle used in Mad Max: Fury Road, which you can read all about here.

Look out for a reveal of the refreshed F-150 some time in 2023 with an on-sale date to follow.

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