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7 Road trips routes in Spain for an ultimate and authentic experience

Spain has an excellent road system that links several Beautiful Places. A road trip through Spain is a fantastic way to see the country. Building a decent road trip planned route, on the other hand, takes a long time. The majority of online reviews and posts are written on OpinionesEspana by people who have only visited an area once, or who have only visited a restaurant or hotel in a town once. Moreover, getting a car in Spain to travel is the best option to avoid the freedom and comfort obstacles. If you want luxury travel then electric cars in Spain are also available. 

  1. Via Del Cantabrico 

This is the best path to take if you’re looking for Northern Spain journeys. This path is by far the most spectacular in northern Spain, passing through Basque Country and Galicia, two of Spain’s most beautiful areas, famed for their elegance and cuisine around the world. While this is one of the most popular Spain road trips, if you travel in the fall or spring, you can enjoy both beautiful weather and fewer people.

  1. Ruta De Los Pueblos Blancos 

The trip of white villages is a common nickname for this popular south Spanish street. The Pueblos Blancos road, which runs through the middle of the Cadiz and Malaga regions, passes through around a hundred picturesque Spanish villages, all decorated in the classic whites that have typified the area.

  1. Velle Der Jarte 

One of the most scenic paths across Spain to take! If you only have a limited amount of time in the country but still want to have an absolute blast. The Valle del Jerte, which runs from Plasencia to Tornavacas, is a quick journey that can be completed in a day, but visitors often stay in one of the many settlements, the most famous of which are Cabezuela de la Sierra and Navaconcejo. The path is known for its stunning blooming flowers, which are at their peak in the spring.

  1. Ruta De Los Molinos 

The Ruta de Los Molinos, which runs via the core of Toledo province, is immortalized in contemporary culture thanks to Don Quixote’s iconic book! If you’re there, you’ll understand why the character perplexes the famous wind farms that fill the ride with dwarves. Along this way, the wide-open landscape is a delight, as is the city of Toledo, which is sometimes referred to as Spain’s magical place. Since the path is so short, many visitors take it on Sundays.

  1. Costa De Morte

This popular drive in Spain, known as the “Coast of Death,” is one of the five better driving experiences of Spain and is known for its risky rocks and lighthouses. The name derives from the ruined boats that have washed up on the rugged Galician coast. Tourists flock to the 19th-century lighthouses, especially those at Cabo Vilan and Finisterre. The towns are wonderful campsites, and the menu is something you must try. If you’re searching for a car journey through Spain, the path to Costa De Morte is a nice option.

  1. Costa Brava

Costa Brava is one of the finest long drives in Spain and Portugal, with breathtaking views of the rugged northeastern coast. Tiny outcrops that line the stretch of the road, as well as woodland that are a thrilling experience, are among the many spectacular wonders along the way. Medieval Spanish castles and fortifications are also landmarks along the way. Since it is so short, it is also inexpensive as compared to the expense of regular road trips in Spain.

  1. Cabo De Gata

This path, which mostly passes through the UNESCO Wildlife Sanctuary and Natural Park of Cabo de Gata-Nijar, is known for its breathtaking landscapes One of Spain’s driest areas, it boasts some of the most breathtaking Mediterranean scenery, filled with sheer mountains, historic inlets, tunnels, and creeks that will transport you to another world. This is the fastest Spain tour from Madrid to enjoy if you are in the capital! Cabo De Gata will undoubtedly be an unforgettable road trip across Spain for you, with breathtaking spectacular scenery and good business.

  1. Ruta Ecoturistica Del Priorat 

The Priorat port city is well-known across the world, and the Ruta Ecoturistica is well-known among visitors as one of Spain’s best day trips. The path is lined with gardens and pine trees, making it one of the most scenic spots in the vast Spanish heartland. This should be at the top of your list if you’re planning a Spain car trip from Barcelona!

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