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Best ways to park your car at the airport

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Most airports want to hear a resounding yes. But in reality parking your car at the airport can be a risky and expensive thing to do. To make a decision on where to park, you need to look at the consequences of airport parking. Take the time to read reviews of airport parking, as well as any available alternatives. Reading reviews could save you a lot of money in terms of finding a cheaper parking option, as well as reliable rentals should you need them.

In this article you’ll learn of the disadvantages of airport owned parking lots. Airport parking is expensive. Most airports charge high costs for parking your car in their lots, as they need to make up revenue to cover things like real estate costs, maintenance, and the upkeep of their facilities. While airport owned parking is convenient as it is located within the airport grounds, it is the most expensive parking option. Looking out for discount deals on sites could save you money.

You could face unnecessary damage to your car. Parking in the more remote lots at an airport, where the monitoring of vehicles is not the highest of priorities, could lead to your car being dented or scratched by other users. Parking in a remote lot is also unsafe, as it could be the perfect hiding place for predators and thieves. 

There are better options available. Before parking your car at an airport, do some research into the other options available, such as off site owned parking lots and hotel airport parking. While these are not within the grounds of the airport, their parking prices are generally lower than airport parking. Both options provide free shuttles to and from the airport and will assist with all your luggage. Making use of an alternative parking lot can also save you up to 70% on the cost of parking at the airport. Thes lots are also safer, as they are monitored by attendants 24/7.

Pre booking options as well as searching for discount packages or coupons can save you some of the high costs of parking at the airport. Booking parking in advance and reducing the overall cost of your parking bill is always good.

When planning your trip and looking for parking options, keep the following in mind: Shuttle schedules, luggage, distance, time, weather and traffic, as these can all impact where you park. When traffic is heavy and you are running late you are more likely to go for the more convenient option of parking at the airport because it is closer to the terminal and you would not need to carry your luggage over a long distance. Flying in winter can also affect your parking as you do not want to be out in the cold temperatures or snow for longer than you have to be. Look into the options offered by airport parking, off site parking and hotel parking lots before you make your decision. Airport parking might be the most convenient, but hotel parking is far cheaper, and offers shuttles to and from the airport, keeping you warm and ensuring you and your luggage get to the airport in time for your flight.

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