June 24, 2024


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BMW Calms Nerves of Less than 3% of New Car Buyers

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BMW 50 Jahre M3 pair purple side

Just about every year, a select team of automotive die-hards scans various publications, sites, charts and graphs making an attempt to decide how close we are to shedding yet another of the wonderful miracles of the entire world: the handbook transmission.

BMW keeping the handbook transmission, like the one the new M2 earlier mentioned, for possibly as lengthy as a different ten years.

Well, if you’re asking BMW, perhaps a ten years.

The Bavarian brand’s general performance main, Frank van Meel, advised CarBuzz, the BMW M3, M4 and the new M2 will retain handbook transmissions. 

By the way, it is the “Save the Manuals” cabal that is actually retaining the adhere change alive, in accordance to van Meel, which is a notion seconded by Tim Resch, BMW’s vice president of Product sales, who claims BMW engineers marvel why anybody would want a slower Bimmer. Seemingly the company’s very own investigate demonstrates that M shoppers want manuals.

Transfer to electric killing the millennial anti-theft gadget

The typical variety of new automobiles equipped with manual transmissions have not truly been earlier mentioned 3% in more than a 10 years — if not longer. Particular vehicles appreciate a much larger just take rate, these kinds of as the Ford Mustang. In fact, the up coming-technology Mustang is obtaining an selection for a Getrag 6-speed manual.

“It commences with the V-8, 5-liter, gen 4. At 480 horsepower, the most strong Mustang GT ever. The manual (transmission) lives!,” roared Ford’s Mustang chief nameplate engineer Ed Krenz during the introduction of the seventh-gen ‘Stang at this year’s Detroit Auto Demonstrate. 

Perhaps the most noteworthy keeper of the flame for driving stick is Japanese automaker Mazda, which sees guide take fees on its prolonged-live two-seat convertible Miata increase into the mid-30% vary some many years.

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