May 21, 2024


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Do I Need a Motorcycle Jacket?

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motorcycle jacketOne can usually see motorcycle jackets worn by action movie protagonists, making them appear cool and hip. But motorcycle riders felt the need to use this clothing as an addition to their riding gear, while the benefit of a chic look only came after.

But does everyone need this additional gear? Although it serves as a form of protection in many ways, people can still be hesitant to purchase it. This guide will give you several reasons to provide you with more insight into whether you would need to incorporate motorcycle jackets in your overall look the next time you ride.

Impact protection

In the unfortunate case of a motorcycle crash, it is common to experience broken bones and puncture wounds due to the impact. Motorcycle jackets do not protect you from acquiring such injuries, but they serve as another layer of defense, especially from soft tissue damage.

Studies show that 75% of motorcycle crashes happen at 50 kph or slower speeds, meaning the likelihood of experiencing a big impact at high speed is significantly less. Although it won’t give you an unbreakable armor, it is still better to prepare for even the slightest injury you might unfortunately attain.

Abrasion protection

Motorcycle jackets are essential for overall protection as the material is usually leather or textile, which stands firm against abrasion and tear. Most accidents include riders skidding and tumbling across the road, making them vulnerable to gashes and burns.

Consider the different types of terrain you can encounter while on tour, making you susceptible to various kinds of injuries – you might experience minor abrasions on loose gravel but stripped-off skin on the tarmac. These injuries can become severe if acquired without protection, but with a motorcycle jacket, they can be preventable.

Provides visibility

As a motorcycle is considerably smaller than other vehicles seen on the road, there is a high probability that one can go unnoticed, especially on a particularly foggy day or during nighttime. The lack of visibility of some motorcycles can lead to accidents like collisions with other vehicles.

Given the circumstance, the best way to avoid such an ordeal is to make bikers visible using motorcycle jackets. This attire has reflective parts which can increase your visibility. It is also beneficial that your body is reflective as other drivers could perceive you as a human, not just an object.

Weather protection

During a ride, you can experience different forms of weather and temperature. A motorcycle jacket with padding and closed vents can keep you warm on a cold day. On the other hand, a motorcycle jacket with vents can still give you the same protection but keep you cool.

Moreover, this article of clothing can also protect you from wet stress due to precipitation, as motorcycle jackets can also be waterproof. You would only need to choose the best jacket to accompany you on your ride.


The added perk of wearing a motorcycle jacket is its fashion. There are also many styles you can choose from, whether you would like a men’s or women’s motorcycle jacket. It also comes in different colors, so you can choose which one matches your vibe today. However, if you like the classic yet trendy look, you can never go wrong with leather.

Do you need a motorcycle jacket?

Provided the multiple reasons why a motorcycle jacket is advantageous for riders, hesitancy won’t even be a thing if your priority is your protection. Everyone is prone to accidents – even the best biker out there, so you should invest in men’s or women’s motorcycle armor and gears that would most likely be your defense against motorcycle crashes or harsh weather.

Everyone needs protection; thus, you need a motorcycle jacket as a motorcycle rider. The only thing you should decide on is which type of motorcycle jacket to buy.


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