May 21, 2024


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Essential Protective Accessories for Your Isuzu MU-X

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Are you looking to equip your Isuzu with the best 4×4 accessories Australia stores provide but don’t know where to start looking? Do you want to avoid spending large sums of money on things that won’t provide true value? If you’re looking for help in kickstarting your off-roading adventures but are shrouded with doubt and uncertainty, you’ve come to the right place! 

Aftermarket parts and accessories are available in abundance, especially for a popular vehicle like the Isuzu Mux. There are countless brands and stores offering Isuzu Mux accessories, and you’ll find just about anything you need online with a simple Google search. 

However, what you come across may not be exactly what you want for your adventures, so I’ve made it my goal to help guide beginners in the right direction. What are the essential 4×4 accessories Australia off-road experts recommend, and which Isuzu Mux accessories should you be on the lookout for? The answer is – those that provide much-needed protection to allow your vehicle to handle the harsh Australian conditions.

Bull Bars – The King of 4×4 Accessories

Installing a bull bar is paramount if you want your vehicle to be in the same shape after the trip’s over as it was before it started. Bull bars provide front-end protection against impact. 

Most bull bars cover the entire front-end of your vehicle, and they’re generally made of steel or aluminium. Both of these materials offer decent protection, with steel being slightly tougher, but at the expense of adding extra weight to your vehicle. Aluminium is more expensive, but it can end up saving you fuel in the long run. 

Some bull bars come with winch-mounting capabilities, which can come in handy if you’re planning on getting a winch, which you should. You can also mount auxiliary driving lights on some bull bars to get better illumination. Bull bars that are winch-compatible are typically of higher quality, as they’ve been tested and rated by third-party engineers. 

In terms of style, there are single-hoop, triple-hoop bull bars. Single-hoop bull bars, as their name implies, feature a single hoop that goes over the radiator that’s attached to the bumper area. They provide decent protection while having relatively low weight. Triple-hoop bars, on the other hand, provide the most protection, but also weigh the most. If you’re intending on travelling the outback, these bull bars are a must.

Bonnet Protectors – True Value for Money

Bonnet protectors are also known as bug deflectors. As their name implies, they go over your bonnet, and provide protection against bugs and upcoming airborne debris. There are different types of bonnet protectors based on their profiles. Most of them are made of some kind of plastic, and they can be either bolted onto the bonnet or taped.

Low-profile bonnet protectors are similar to the ones that some stock vehicles come equipped with, and they’re typically placed close to the bonnet. They’ll typically match the contours of your vehicle and won’t look like an aftermarket addition. However, their paint is more susceptible to damage as they have low hood lines. Advanced models come with bump-up ridges to provide for superior airflow and style.

Then, there are standard-profile bonnet protectors which are positioned at a specific angle to improve aerodynamics and reflect all incoming debris and insects. They’re typically positioned away from the bonnet panel, making them ideal for use in hot climates. Standard-profile bonnet protectors can sustain significantly more damage than their low-profile counterparts.

Skid Plates – For Underside Protection

Skid plates provide protection to the underside of your vehicle – another area prone to damage when venturing off the beaten trail. They protect the exhaust, radiator, oil pan, fuel tank and fluid lines, amongst other things from getting damaged when going over rough terrain. These accessories are available in a range of shapes and sizes, and they can come with a variety of functions. Similarly to bull bars, skid plates can be made of steel and aluminium, and they can cover different-sized parts of your vehicle. If you aren’t going through seriously tough terrain, you may need partial protection that covers a few specific parts. If you’re venturing into more hardcore areas, however, you’ll need skid plates that provide full underbody protection.

Weathershields – For Extra Comfort

Weathershields allow you to enjoy the breeze when driving with your windows open, while preventing unwanted debris and bugs from getting into your cabin. On top of that, weathershields reduce wind noise, allowing you to have a conversation without yelling, or just enjoy your music while driving. Furthermore, they help de-fog your windows when driving in cold weather conditions. Weathershields are typically made of plastic, and they can be in-channelled or taped on your vehicle.

Tape-on weathershields are easier to install as they come with sticky adhesive on one side. These weathershields are better at deflecting rain as they’re installed outside your car’s window channel. Another benefit is that they don’t meet the windows at any point. On the downside, they’re difficult to remove and may damage your vehicle’s paint in the process.

In-channel weathershields are great for those who want to rest assured their vehicle’s paint stays as is. They’re secured by the window channels, so there’s no adhesive to deal with. They’re superior in terms of looks, and are less prone to damage. They’re also easy to remove, and all you have to do is use a bit of force. In-channel weathershields need to fit your vehicle perfectly, or you won’t be able to attach them securely. Attaching them securely is also important to avoid scratching your glass, prevent them from rattling and falling out.


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