June 14, 2024


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Ford Will Replace Every Bronco’s Molded-In Color Hardtop

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Ford Bronco customers really can’t seem to catch a break. According to a new report from Automotive News, Ford has sent a letter to customers confirming that it will move to replace every molded-in color hardtop currently on or slated for a Bronco because of continued quality issues.

The letter itself was first uploaded to the Bronco6G forum before Automotive News confirmed its legitimacy the automaker. The notice is only the latest chapter of the Bronco’s troubled production story, centered yet again around Ford’s supplier in Webasto. The German supplier is responsible for both the molded-in color hardtop and dual roof top options, and was initially to blame for some of the delays customers experienced earlier this year. The molded-in color tops in particular have proved troublesome of late, with customers across the internet sharing images of unsightly blemishes and discoloration almost immediately after taking delivery. Ford says these blemishes are the result of exposure to extreme water and humidity. Based on customer responses however, it doesn’t appear things need to be that extreme for issues to arise.

Considering the molded-in color top is the only hardtop option Ford is currently offering customers, this hasn’t been a great look for Ford or Webasto. As such, the automaker will replace every one of these tops on the market, starting with the oldest Broncos produced thus far. Unfortunately, this means Ford will not be delivering units until the updated roofs become available. As of now, the automaker believes that should take place in October. This means that customers who’ve not been notified of their truck being scheduled for production won’t be getting a 2021 model year product, unless they’ve secured a First Edition model. Ford says they plan to start producing the 2022 model year Bronco in December.

When Ford initially delayed the Bronco due to issues with Webasto, it was assumed that we wouldn’t have to deal with these sort of quality concerns. That clearly isn’t the case, and customer frustrations are more than understandable at this point. We’ve known that the automaker has thousands of Broncos parked around their Michigan Assembly Plant, but now it’s clear as to why. Here’s hoping Webasto and Ford can get this right this time around, and that Jeep owners won’t have any more reason to rib their Ford-owning friends.

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