The BMW M5 CS is my favourite BMW of the earlier two decades, at minimum. It may just be the finest BMW M5 of all time and it is undoubtedly the greatest sedan I have at any time pushed. It is practically perfect, with its only flaws becoming beauty interior ones and a semi-lame exhaust. So when I see that G-Ability took a single of the quite handful of M5 CS illustrations in existence and tuned it, my eyes begin to twitch and my skin begins to crawl. You should not mess with perfection. Though, even I will admit this G-Electricity M5 CS does boost on the auto in one way—its sound.

In this new video from AutoTopNL, we get to see a G-Electrical power-tuned BMW M5 CS that supposedly tends to make 820 horsepower. I have driven the 626 horsepower M5 CS and one particular point it certainly did not need to have was much more electric power. With pretty much 200 horsepower a lot more, the M5 CS is a handful, effortlessly drifting across general public streets in this new video clip. G-Power took an presently brutally quick auto and created it even a lot more extreme. The M5 CS is this kind of a flawlessly tuned weapon, I’m not confident incorporating extra energy will do anything but make it even worse.

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Admittedly, I don’t assume nearly anything was carried out to the suspension or steering (which would be a sin), but upsetting the power balance in all probability can make the automobile really feel a bit way too spikey. On the other hand, I will say that the exhaust take note is a great deal improved on this G-Power automobile. The M5 CS’ only actual flaw is its exhaust noise, which is as monotonous as all S63-powered BMWs. The G-Electricity exhaust (I presume it is their own exhaust, the online video does not say) seems far superior than the stock car’s. For the reason that I’m a monotonous aged gentleman, I actually favor the way it appears with the valves closed—with valves open, there is way too a lot produced exhaust flatulence and it appears dumb.

If I had been to own a BMW M5 CS, I’d destroy everyone who dared to modify 99-per cent of it. Though, this video does establish that an exhaust update is very welcome. at?v=tdHWBcKTInc