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Getting back on a bike after my brother’s unexplained death helps me heal

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Illustration by Mary Kirkpatrick

I wouldn’t say bike riding is something my tiny brother and I experienced at any time done collectively, at minimum not since that time 40 several years back when I conquer him to school and he’d called me a poopyhead. Or, it’s possible it happened the other way all around.

Either way, living in distinct metropolitan areas for our whole grownup life, bicycle riding was not actually on the agenda on our uncommon cross-region visits. Right until previous summertime, when he was checking out me and a free afternoon and a pair of electric bicycles presented themselves. To my shock, he agreed to go for a prolonged bike experience, anything he sheepishly confessed would be far more exercising than he’d experienced for the whole pandemic.

I more mature-sister ordered him to have on a single of my extra helmets. We’re not as bouncy as we utilized to be, I reminded him. I’m not 50 still, he scoffed.

It did not matter – age disappeared as before long as we set out. We laughed giddily at the around-overlooked sensation of zooming by way of the streets of our childhood, revelling in a split from the late-August heat.

Cruising aimlessly through time and room, we paused frequently: to breathe in the scent of blackberries overripening in the sunlight, to test out the condominium where he’d lived when his initial daughter was born or the location along the harbour where he the moment took his now-developed young children to observe boats.

And we rode quickly, racing each other down the path, Tokyo drifting all-around corners. We even now had it, dammit. We had turn into youngsters once more, just getting enjoyable for the sake of it. Returning for a couple of hrs to our unique selves, the people today we had been right before the bodyweight of adulthood, divorce and caring for getting older mothers and fathers all settled on to our nervous shoulders like a disappointingly unsoothing weighted blanket.

That evening at evening meal, we marvelled at what we’d completed. We hadn’t found just about every other for far more than a year and hadn’t hung out together, just us siblings, in yrs. Thanks to the uncomplicated ability of a few of bicycles, we’d reconnected, for one limited afternoon of pleasure. Individuals just never have sufficient exciting, we agreed. We should really carpe this darn diem much more often.

But this is exactly where the story turns. My brother was murdered afterwards that 7 days. I really don’t know why.

What I do know is that, alongside with the big things, like acquiring the will to get out of bed just about every early morning or feeling secure in a world of random, unexplained violence, bike driving was a thing I wasn’t certain I’d ever be in a position to do again.

As a quickly only youngster, I found that biking, alongside with other seemingly innocent functions like viewing Star Wars, going for walks earlier our childhood household or even taking in sure foods, became what I call a “grief block.” It is one thing I stay clear of due to the fact it holds memory like water balloons hold water – spherical, stretched and on the verge of bursting. Therapists call it “avoidance.” They are not improper.

But immediately after a shattered wintertime of trauma and heartbreak, it was time to get out. Exercising is excellent for you, they say. It is therapeutic, they say.

I resisted. I’d wander, I’d swim, I’d even annoy the neighbourhood with a loud sport of pickle ball, but biking? I just could not.

Right up until, in a local climate of rising gasoline costs and temperatures, I knew I had to begin biking once again. I made the decision to make it an celebration. A thing I could not back out of.

In my Japanese language class, I’d uncovered about a tradition termed hanami, where by family members and close friends gather below the pink blossoming plum and cherry trees, to picnic in celebration of fleeting elegance, warmer climate, hints of much better days to come.

I made a decision a hanami bike experience was the way to do it. I mapped out a possible route that would include the city’s finest pink trees. I packed tasty cookies and a thermos whole of green tea. My associate patiently checked my neglected bike tires and battery. He assisted change my helmet – back from my brother’s dimensions, to mine.

I stepped on to the pedals. Felt my knees shifting up and down. My white-knuckled fingers gripped the bars. My entire body slipped into the feeling of relocating via time and space.

And just as muscle mass memory had restored my brother and me, for one transient afternoon, to our childhood selves, it swept me again now to that past journey jointly. It w
as as nevertheless my brother was doubling at the rear of me, clinging to my shoulders. Inevitably, that grief block burst, worse than I could have imagined. I could hardly breathe, hardly see.

I stopped for refuge beneath the first pink flowering tree I could come across, inauspiciously planted in a corner of the nearby cemetery. Wiping my eyes, I leaned on my bike and gazed up at the petals. Some were being previously drifting down like spring snow, settling on to the shared gravestone of a prolonged-previous spouse and children.

In that second, I sensed the numerous times of sorrow that experienced been felt, ideal where I stood, by a great number of people, standing graveside, in excess of generations. Certainly, I experienced come to be an only child. Of course, a million queries and sorrows and grief blocks even now loomed. But in the vastness of eternity and human experience, I at the very least knew I was not by itself. In my head, I felt my brother’s presence. And it was declaring, “C’mon, poopyhead!”

I gathered myself and dried my facial area. Ate a cookie. Sipped some tea. And in some way got back on my bicycle.

Alisa Gordaneer lives in Victoria.

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