June 24, 2024


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GM may let Camaro die so an electric sedan can live, report says

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Is it goodbye for gas-powered Camaros?

Emme Hall/Roadshow

Are you a red-blooded American with a deep and unquestioning love for pony cars? Do you dream of owning a late-model Camaro someday? Well, if a report published on Monday by Automotive News is accurate, you should probably plan on buying sometime soon if you’re planning to buy new.

Why? Because it seems likely that the sixth generation of Camaro, first introduced in 2016, may be the last gas-powered version ever, and it could be the last Camaro ever, period. Automotive News believes that the sixth-gen Camaro will be left as is until 2024, when it will be killed off in favor of a high-performance electric sedan.

Now, GM chose not to comment on these rumors — natch — but Sam Fiorani of AutoForecast Solutions did:

For years, GM has been without a Camaro replacement on their schedule. Rumors of an electric sedan to fill the void are circulating; however, it would be scheduled for four to five years from now, which makes it anything but a sure bet at this point. While the value of the Camaro name is undeniable, Chevrolet does not have people lined up to purchase the car currently and lags behind its muscle car competitors from Ford and Dodge and even behind the Ford Mustang Mach E.

Given how underappreciated Chevrolet’s last performance sedan (that’s the rebadged Holden we knew as the SS, for those of you playing at home) was, it seems like it would be a weird move to do it all over again, especially since sedans haven’t exactly been setting the world on fire in terms of sales.

What do you think? Are these rumors likely to be true? Would you be upset if the Camaro died off? Let us know in the comments.

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