July 22, 2024


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My Brooklyn Grey i4 m50 delivered & review

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So here it is finally after sometime waiting for it has been delivered.

I pre ordered mine back when it was released. Then it went in to production around November and wasn’t expecting delivery until end of April but it already arrived at the 23/24 of march. So now it has been about a week before being able to pick it up sense i have had it at company for PPF wrap its a Hexis PPF covering 95% of the car, the idea was also to wrap the Rocker panels down low with carbon fibre look but unfortunately it wouldn’t stick to the plastic. So had to leave that part out.

I also went with a almost complete de badge including the i4 model code behind. Only have the little M letter in the front, but didn’t remove it due to that random hole being left there after that. Also this Monday i will be picking up the 50th anniversary badges at the dealer sense it came after my car was on its way to here.

So this isn’t a completely loaded i4 but almost everything you can get i got. I didn’t op in for the 20 inch wheels due to range loss i will use the car on occasion to go on 2-3 times a year a trip one way 360 km so i need the range.

So far i have only driven the car around 204 km so that’s not much to go on. But so far the car is great to drive, day to day driving is just as awesome as it gets the amount of configurations you can do to the car is very nice, I find my self most of the time driving so far in ECO Pro individual mode around town with B mode for the i3 one pedal drive feeling.

I also took it to some spirited driving today when it was sunny and nice on some really bad B roads with tight turns and it is a very competent car, it corners good in sport mode, it doesn’t feel all to heavy until you really push it, you will probably feel it more on the track.

And that is on the 19 inch none performance tires also, so with the 20 inch or 19 inch performance tires it will probably corner even better. Its no M3/M4 nor should it be either but it will give many cars a run for their money in day to day driving so to speak. On track then it will be different.

So far it feels very competent and will probably surprise me even more in the future, the HVAC control is a none issue for me i have it on a short cut on the navigation wheel.

Small annoyance i have found so far is, for some reasons my android auto is messing with the built in Spotify app in the car for whatever reasons sometimes my phone will take charge over the internal built in system and start playing Spotify from the phone instead of the built in app witch reduces sound quality so going to find what setting that is messing with me on this.

I am not sure the backup camera is the greatest out there but it is good enough but i am not sure it is as sharp as it was on my i3 but this could be because it is a 360 camera.

So all in all the car is great and going to enjoy it as much as possible. So now i will post some pictures of it from today’s drive. And if you wonder yes my registration plate is literately BMW and it isn’t a custom plate it came like that 🙂

(Excuse the messy garage so much stuff that needs storing inside due to winter period)


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