July 25, 2024


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Prince Harry, Meghan received ‘move on’ advice from Oprah before interview

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Prince Harry, Meghan received move on advice from Oprah before interview
Prince Harry, Meghan received ‘move on’ advice from Oprah before interview

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle reportedly received some words of wisdom from Oprah Winfrey  before their bombshell interview.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex made shocking claims that Kate Middleton made Meghan cry while Harry accused Prince Charles of cutting him off financial in the tell-all interview.

In a column for the New Zealand Herald, a royal commentator Daniela Elser said that Oprah told the couple about ‘moving on’ in their lives.

“As the Sussexes’ neighbour and friend Oprah Winfrey has said ‘You are responsible for your life … Life is really about moving on’,” the commentator wrote.

Daniel said, “For all that Harry and Meghan are forging a new life in California, he still seems unable to let go of the hurts and trials of the past.”

“Despite having two adorable kidlets, hundreds of millions of dollars set to come in, according to the deals the Sussexes’ inked in 2020, a whopping mansion (the first property he has ever independently owned) and all the bike-riding spare time a man could want, he still seems intent on litigating (literally and figuratively) the slings and arrows of his former life.

“Choose happiness. Choose joy. Choose to look forward and not eternally back.” 


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