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The Best Cars for Learning to Drive 

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Some cars are more suitable for learning to drive than others. We highlight some of the best cars for learning to drive and provide a list of key criteria and top suggestions you should consider as a new driver.

People usually learn to drive at a young age, and teenagers eagerly await the time when they become proud car owners. Ideally, that exciting moment is preceded by learning how to drive first. So, we offer some tips and suggest the best cars for that purpose.

Whose Car Should I Use for Learning How to Drive?

It’s up to you, of course, but consider not buying your dream car right away, even if you can afford it. That way, you have better chances of knowing exactly what to look for in your first car when you already have some driving experience. Then, you can make the decision based on your driving instructor’s car, as those are usually well-suited for new drivers.

Asking your friends and relatives to let you have a test drive in their cars will also help establish important features of your future vehicle.

However, one thing you won’t have in a regular car is dual controls. And that is another argument for using an instructor’s car for learning to drive, as it’s safer and more reassuring that way.

Another serious benefit of postponing the purchase of a brand new and more expensive model is you get to save some money. Students rarely oppose such an idea, and it’s a great opportunity to invest in education.

What to Look for in a Car for Learning to Drive

Car Type

Getting a big spacious car is quite tempting, but those tend to be less maneuverable, and most instructors will have a hatchback. Since it’s one of the most common types of cars, it makes it easy to drive your own car once you get used to it. You can still transfer to a pickup truck or an SUV afterward when you get more confident on the road.


The next thing to consider is visibility. The more aware you are of your surroundings, the lower the chance of hitting something or damaging your car (and, most importantly, hurting yourself or other people). Fortunately, nowadays, you can be aided by parking sensors, rear-view cameras, and other appliances. However, you still have to make sure you have good visibility even without relying on those.


When driving your instructor’s car, pay attention to its responsiveness, that is, the speed with which it accelerates after you step on the pedals. Some vehicles fire up instantly while others take some time which can be crucial when performing certain maneuvers. So, make sure it also matches your preferences so that you can be in sync with your iron horse.

Transmission Type

While mastering an automatic may be simpler, keep in mind that this type of transmission limits your range in vehicles you can drive. Also, manual cars end up being more affordable for that reason. Once you learn how to use manual, switching to automatic won’t be a problem.


As a new driver who doesn’t want to deal with breakdowns and failures, you need a reliable car. Luckily, reliability doesn’t necessarily mean expensiveness. If you look at the cars instructors use, you’ll notice those are good examples of steady operation.

We would also advise not to ignore used cars for being unreliable. Sure, many people are willing to pay more and buy a brand new vehicle just for peace of mind. However, if you use our guides, you can get the same level of safety and reliability without overpaying.

The Best Cars for Learning to Drive

Honda Civic

You can’t go wrong with this model, as it pretty much has everything an aspiring driver may need. With its sensors for forward collision, lane-keeping assistance, and other driving aid features, you can surely worry less despite being inexperienced.

Subaru Impreza

Subaru is a great pick significant for its reliability and comfortability. Learning drivers will appreciate its updated safety a
nd guidance systems, helping detect blind spots and avoid collisions.

Ford Fiesta

This is a choice of many driving instructors as ideal for their learning clients. It’s affordable (especially if you don’t chase the latest model), responsive, and simple in operation.

Kia Picanto

Kia has gone a long way from being viewed as shoddy funny-looking cars to a safe choice that is still very affordable. It’s well equipped, has low fuel consumption, and comes with a seven-year (or 100 thousand miles) warranty. So, no wonder Kia Picanto is among the top suggestions for beginners.

Volkswagen Polo

Even if you can’t afford (or decide not to) the newest version of Volkswagen Polo, you will still end up with a cost-efficient learner-friendly car. For extra money, it will come with newer technology that offers extra assistance and higher safety on the road.

Final Thoughts

We have more useful articles that will come in handy when choosing a car, either new or used, as well as reviews of popular brands, so feel free to roam our site. And remember, when learning to drive, having a good instructor is no less important than choosing the right car.


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