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The Ford Mustang is one of the most popular rides, from classic muscle cars to sporty ones. Many Mustang owners consider its features, such as its unique trail-bar taillights, fabulous front fascia, and glossy roofline, as its exceptional assets. 

Because of this, Mustangs are a staple in a car enthusiast’s garage or, in other cases, in their toy car collection. You may be surprised to know that even LEGO released one in 2019 to the delight of Mustang lovers. 

Diecast Ford Shelby Mustang
Diecast Ford Shelby Mustang

Suppose you’re planning to start a Mustang diecast collection. In that case, you may consider some tips to find the best models you may love. This could help you discover more of the features that make Mustangs a must in every collection. Thus, here are a few tips to guide you:

1. Know The Different Collectibles

Before paying for any diecast Mustang, you need to know the different collectibles. This could help you trim down your choices and select the one that would pass your collector’s instincts and taste. Some of the go-to models you may consider are as follows:

Known for its record in Trans-Am racing, Shelby Mustang is one of the iconic cars you’d love to collect. Apart from its varied colors, including limited-edition types, this Mustang diecast model is also known for its outstanding features, such as detailed front fascia and an under-the-vehicle engine.

SVT Cobra or Special Vehicle Team Cobra is a muscle car from the 19932004 era. It banks on its wide wheels and lustrous exterior. Its design adds to its performance and speed, making it ideal for long rides.

The King Cobra was a limited-edition Mustang that started in 1978. Its main features are its hood decal, all-window trim, and black grille.

Bullitt’s design is anchored on its high-glass black spokes, aluminum wheels, and a color combination of chrome and black. Many diecast car enthusiasts choose Bullitt Mustangs for their blacked-out mesh grille and power-folding mirrors emulated by the best diecast replicas.

California Special is one of Mustang’s contemporaries, yet it already has a significant evolution since its first production. This diecast muscle car’s primary features are its twist-type hood pins, pop-open cap, and sleek convertible transformation.

Looking for a Classic Mustang? One of the rarest diecast Mustangs you may want to break the bank for is the original 1964 ¼ Ford. It’s considered one of the first-generation cars with an upper wishbone and detailed front hood.

Mach 1’s features include its exclusive array of colors, such as orange, red, black, and white. It also contains a detailed flap and rear tire spats similar to Shelby and glossy wheel lip moldings. 

2. Prepare The Storage And Display Box

Diecast Mustangs may require you to purchase shelves and exclusive storage boxes to keep them in their best shape. Not having proper containers may lead to chipping and damaging your toys. In addition, loose diecast cars may cause tripping, so boxes are indeed necessary to prevent accidents from happening.

If you want to display your diecast Mustangs, you may choose to shelve them with individual slots. You can also opt for customized boxes to determine how many cars to display per storage. For instance, large diecast cars could be a solo display if it’s life-sized or similar.

3. Research About Diecast Cleaning And Maintenance

To keep your diecast Mustangs in their most excellent condition, know the best ways to preserve their original state. If you often get them in and out of their storage, you can keep their luster by wiping them regularly and ensuring that they won’t have moisture when returned to their boxes. Water often leads to corrosion, so you must keep your cars away from wet areas.

Likewise, dusting the diecast cars may contribute to rust prevention. You may also need to wet a microfiber cloth with a mild soap solution to clean them. Do this repeatedly until the dirt is removed.

 4. Learn About The Scale

If you’re new to diecast car collection, you may start learning the different scales as follows:

This set refers to diecast cars with 5-centimeter lengths.

Also called as ‘three-eighths scale,’ this is close to a 1/43 scale when it comes to popularity. However, this is a bit smaller than 1/43, so most enthusiasts who patronize them are kids or those who want tinier options.

Referred to as the ‘Collector’s Scale,’ this is ideal for diecast Mustangs.

Diecast enthusiasts also consider these as ‘matchbox’ cars because of their tiny size of 68 cm.

Wrapping Up

Starting a Mustang diecast collection can be a challenging one. In most cases, you’d start with zero to low knowledge about it. Fortunately, this article can give you some insight into where to begin. Moreover, you may ask seasoned diecast collectors or join diecast communities for more ideas and learn about the recent trends in the world of diecast collection.


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