May 21, 2024


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Unleashed by E-Type UK | PH Video

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You may have read our review of the Unleashed by E-Type UK last week. In which case, you’ll know many things about the many things that E-Type UK has done to make the once-maligned Jaguar E-Type Series III somewhat more loveable. And judging by the comments, it’s very loveable. The general feeling was a thumbs up, despite it weighing in at the thick-end of £400,000 by the time you’ve paid for the donor car, the exquisite restoration and the numerous upgrades. It’s certainly a rich man’s game, that’s for sure.

And while we always strive to get a sense of that over on page, let’s face it, there’s only so much you can do with words. For a car like the Unleashed by E-Type, it would be a terrible shame not to make a video; if only to convey the true theatre of what a car like this feels like to drive. Well, guess what? We did.

Want to hear what a bored-out 6.1-litre 400hp Jaguar V12 sounds like when it’s breathing through twelve individual throttle bodies and fuelled by bespoke injection? And, a bespoke exhaust system, bar the little signature fantail at the end? We hope we’re not ruining the surprise by saying it sounds bloody fantastic.

There is one thing, though. You may get to the end and wonder why we didn’t drop the hood on such a lovely sunny day. That’s simply because we were asked not to. This isn’t a demo car, it’s an owner’s car, and he hasn’t taken delivery yet. He agreed to us driving it, but kindly asked if we could leave the hood up to avoid creases. We thought that was a reasonable request for the privilege of having a go. We won’t soon forget it. 


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