May 21, 2024


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Up Close and Personal With the New EQS SUV

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The Mercedes EQS SUV broke cover yesterday and there are people who managed to get close to the jacked-up version of the electric luxury sedan. How does it actually look outside the official photos we have already become familiar with?

One of the people who got up close and personal with the new EQS SUV was Carwow’s Mat Watson. What sets it apart from the sedan? Well, it’s the design, obviously. It comes with a wider grille, with the LED strip connecting the headlights with 1.3 million micro-mirrors that refract and direct light.

The car is wider (by 3.3 millimeters), shorter (by 9 centimeters) and taller (by 20 centimeters) than the sedan and is, of course, more imposing. But the wheelbase is identical. And as you may already know, you can’t pop up the bonnet. But you can feed the tank with windscreen washer fluid by opening a slot in the left fender.

There is, of course, a chopped-off rear end, with another LED light strip making the connection between the taillights. It sports running boards to make access easier and the floor is as flat as possible to reduce drag. Mercedes keeps the drag coefficient under wraps. The EQS is the most aerodynamic car in the world, but there is no way an SUV, with its boxier shape, would even come close.

From behind the wheel, Mat Watson says he sits low enough to be unable to perfectly see the road ahead. Something that catches the eye on board is the new center console design in wood with aluminum inserts depicting Mercedes three-pointed stars.

In the backseat, there is plenty of room in any direction. A tablet in the armrest and two others in the backrests of the front seats provide entertainment for the second-row passengers. But how he manages to squeeze into the third row and especially come out of it is your job to see in the video below.

The Mercedes EQS SUV, available in three versions

A single-motor EQS SUV 450+ with 360 horsepower and rear-wheel drive and 568 Nm of torque will be the entry-level version. It’s the same output and torque for the all-wheel drive variant, but with a range drop coming naturally due to the extra weight.

The 580 4MATIC+ version will sit at the top of the lineup with its dual-motor setup and all-wheel drive.  They work together for a total of 544 horsepower and 858 Nm of torque and make the car run from zero to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 4.4 seconds. That is quite something, considering that the AWD version tips the scale at 2,735 kilograms.

For further information, there is this presentation here, describing the car from bumper to bumper.



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