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View Photos of the 2023 BMW 7-series / i7 Prototype

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2023 bmw 7series prototype


During a visit to BMW’s facility outside Munich, we were able to drive prototype versions of the new 2023 7-series, including the all-electric i7 variant.

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When the new 7-series goes on sale this fall, it will offer gasoline-powered and electrified powertrains.

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Turbocharged inline-six and V-8 engines will be assisted by a 48-volt hybrid system, and a plug-in hybrid will also be offered.

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An all-electric variant will be new to the lineup for 2023 and will go by the name i7.

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During our initial test drive, we were able to sample the V-8 and EV powertrains, both of which offered impressive power.

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The new 7-series retains the previous-generation car’s creamy ride quality, but thanks to adaptive dampers and a rear-wheel-steering system, it feels more agile than before.

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The new 7-series boasts several new technology features.

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A new hands-free-driving feature called Highway Assistant allows the car to drive itself on the interstate while the driver relaxes.

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In addition to automated highway driving, the new 7-series also has a more robust automated parking feature, which allows the vehicle to park itself after the driver has exited.

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For those who’d rather be chauffeured, the new 7-series’s rear seat is spacious and can be equipped with a massive 31.0-inch infotainment display that can stream content such as Netflix and YouTube via built-in Amazon Fire TV.

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BMW expects production to begin this summer, and the new 7-series should go on sale in November.

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2023 BMW 7-series prototype

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2023 BMW 7-series prototype

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2023 BMW 7-series prototype

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2023 BMW 7-series prototype

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