Electric-assisted bike (E-Bike) becomes increasingly popular across the globe, and the electric-assisted mountain bike (E-MTB) is definitely the most popular model.

Electric-assisted bike (E-Bike) becomes increasingly popular across the globe, and the electric-assisted mountain bike (E-MTB) is definitely the most popular model. Its excellent power can easily transfer you from a beginner into a master, and allow you to achieve higher levels of speed and performance and stay energetic at downhill slopes. Nowadays, mountain bike technology continues to develop and is moving at a staggering pace, mountain bike suppliers are channelling more energy into the E-MTB market, and various types of E-MTB products are being developed and optimized.

When you decide to choose a right E-Bike, one of the most popular bikes, you may be bewildered by the number and variety of mountain electric bikes, and don’t know how to choose the best one. Before making a decision, you should be aware of your own riding style and intensity, and then choose related brand. Large wholesale mountain bike manufacturers like Trek, Specialized and Cannondale provide reliable and durable products by utilizing the best product technology, while niche brands such as Niner, Felt and Santa Cruz supply high performance products targeted to the high-end market. What’s more, not everyone can visit factories personally. It will be helpful if you know some well-known ebike companies in the market. Here are the top 10 best e-bike brands for your reference, and you can make a comparison and choose the best one that fits your needs. But these are only a small part. After all, there are numerous great e-bike companies.

What brands that you should get them?

1. Cannondale

Featuring the most innovative and unique design of lefty mountain bike fork and a new color scheme of green, Cannondale is the standout in numerous e-bike brands. Cannondale’s mountain bike line is primarily focused on cross-country and it is making a strong surge in the enduro category. A number of exclusive innovations with acronyms such as Artificial Intelligence, System Integration and hologram are used exclusively on bikes manufactured by itself. So Cannondale wholesale mountain bikes can offer you a unique and wonderful experience.

2. Specialized

Specialized offers a full array of bikes depending on the type of riding you plan to do, from cross country to downhill, they have you covered. From ultra-lightweight XC hardtails to World-Championship-proven FSR suspension designs found on its trail and downhill bikes, you’ll find the e-bike that truly fits your style. Based in California, USA, Specialized is one of the largest bike companies in the world and focuses on bike technology and innovation. It invests heavily in the research, development and design every year. After it launches new products and innovative technical designs, other mountain bike suppliers will emulate its bikes and ideas. Specialized is well deserved to be the best bike manufacturer that leads the fashion in the bike market.

3. Jiangsu DZX

Jiangsu DZX, an famous electric bicycle manufacturer in China, has been committed to providing users around the world with a variety of convenient travel tools and riding tools suitable for various scenarios. Since its establishment in 2015, DZX has closely followed the trend of the times and user needs, and has developed products of various categories. The first e-bike model is the step-through MTB frame electric mountain bike for women, which can not only give you a more comfortable riding experience in the city, but also take you to the mountains and woods occasionally. Climbing angle 30 degree, electric power assist you to get higher with less strength. Another model of wholesale mountain bikes is the 27.5 inch aluminum alloy MTB frame electric mountain bike, which is simple like a non-electric mountain bike, and painted with matte light gray color that is the most classic and popular in the e-bike industry.

4. Giant

Being the largest bicycle manufacture on the planet makes their name Giant a very fitting name. Giant produces a wide range of bicycles from road bikes, mountain bikes, to even electric bikes, which can be found anywhere in the world and cater for cyclists of all levels and abilities, making Giant a very popular choice among ebike companies for both beginner and experienced cyclists.

5. Trek

Based in Waterloo, Trek has always had a strong focus on values and creating the most elegant e-bike possible. Trek provides you with the most comprehensive product models. Trek also offers one of the largest bike lines specially for women. Its product lines suit every rider, from beginner mountain bikers to world cup racers. If you’re seeking a ride to expand your horizons, Trek is enough.

6. Niner

With the goal of creating the best mountain bikes in the world, Niner has always been displaying its passion for mountain bikes in every product it creates. Compared to the big mountain bike suppliers mentioned above, Niner is a relatively new company, but it still creates the best mountain e-bikes in the world. Being dedicated to its own e-bike line, Niner has become one of the most recognizable bikes among different mountain bike brands.

7. Sant Cruz

Sant Cruz, one of the world’s top mountain bike brands, only supplies mountain bikes, so it certainly puts all the energy into designing and producing the best mountain bikes possible. Starting like many tech companies in Southern California in a single car garage, Santa Cruz now offers 16 different types of wholesale mountain bikes with one of its most popular being the women’s Juliana line. People like mountain bikes from Sant Cruz so much because the bikes are a little bit weird.

8. Yeti

Instead of being one of the ebike companies providing simple transportation methods, Yeti is based on passion and creativity and creates a mountain bike culture that focuses on having fun, making you feel comfortable and enjoying your time on the mountain bike. As one of the most well-known and respected brands in the mountain bike industry, Yeti maintains a very simple philosophy of creating mountain bikes that you like to ride.

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